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    I've started this to further the discussion in case the mods don't like the hijack of Yogi's thread about test pieces.

    I also think opportunites go begging in terms of getting young people interested in music ingeneral and to a point banding. The Plus Net band has made children aware of what a Brass Band is. I can anecdotally prove that I work with children and when they hear about my passion I get "Wow just likethe plus net band" I talk to them with enthusiasm about local concerts and how the band is made up (unfortunately the band is 20 miles away and our nearest concet is 15 from the village, no criticism just a shame) I just wish with all my heart we could put together a Band even a large scratch ensemle that we could get young people to hear what we can do while they are a capltive audience in schools. The answer to our aging and dwindling audience has to be education, surely?
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    So what's stopping you?

    There are bands that will give up a day to tutor school bands and then give a concert afterwards.

    Education isn't the only way, turning banding into something that people want to listen to is another. Just look at the crowds that turn up for Acid Brass at festivals.
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    Okay Beyard I asked for that, erm just one question, in my ignorance Acid Brass?

    And I will look into somthing for at least our school

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    The novelty of Acid Brass is refreshing.... a very good start.

    Tunes featured on Acid Brass span back to over 2 decades ago. ... Modern by brass Band standards.

    The success of Acid Brass proves is that it is our repertoire that has held our movement back. IMHO.

    That said, anyone under the age of 20 wont know what 'Acid House' was.

    When I was 15 in 1985, old people raved on about how good Jerry and the Pacemakers were. The mid 60's however were 20 years before my time.
    In contrast - Between 1975 to 1985 I had actually lived through Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Disco, Punk, Electro, New Wave and the beginning of a Blues Revival.
    Ciller Black or the New Seekers just wasn't going to cut the mustard for me -been 5 years before I was actually born. Acid House was 5 years in the future, but now... over 20 years in the past.

    So.... New repertoire is the way to engage.

    We could write Grunge classics.... also from 20 years ago. Or Brit Pop Oasis or Blur covers, ...again we rock back over 15 years ago.
    Ministry of sound ? ...who are they ? ... and even The Chemical Brothers or The fire Starting Prodigy is way too dated to be modern.

    The bottom line however is the Brass Band worlds magpie like bias toward using everyone else’s music. Be it a rework of a traditional melody, a Classical transcription or a pop or dance music cover.

    When other musical ensembles start covering Brass Band music, then the cool kids will want to join of their own free will, drop their skateboards, for themselves.
    To my knowledge, NO-one has covered a Brass Band Composition and committed it to a recording studio.

    Brand New -cool- brass band works are required.

    I applaud PLC, especially Dark side of the moon.

    Many good things are happening in the banding movement..
    Many potentially bad things may happen if we let them.

    It will be sad to see the next generations of bander’s continue the 'novelty act' which is the majority of our repertoire.
    Many of us live for the opportunity to contest an original Brass Band work once or twice a year then sadly play 'clap along' brass band Muzak to a audience of family, friends and elderly to turn in some funds.

    This is the 'Traditional' vs 'Us' problem.

    No matter how progressive we reinvent our stance, at the heart of the matter, those with the most power to implement positive change cling desperately to what little power the banding infrastructure can offer. Change is certainly something to be afraid of for those with the most influence.

    I didn’t intend to write so much :oops:
    If my point got lost somewhere:-

    We need more exciting, Original, New, Brass Band Music capable of drawing in new ears.
    If we have to include an electric guitar to do this ?.... why not ?... Big Bands have had them for 100 years.

    Of course, New Brass Band music DOES exists. No doubt we will now be reminded of it.
    This is good.
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    Your point did indeed get lost, and then was diluted further with reference to PLC. What was it? (your point, that is)...
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    The plusnet adverts have been successful to the point where we've just filmed another set of ads. Maybe more companies could follow suit and use brass bands in their campaigns because, as always, national media coverage is the best way to spread the brass band message. Arrangements of more popular top 40 songs may annoy some traditional bandsmen but to attract young players they'd rather hear some Cee-Lo Green or Kaiser Chiefs than All in the April Evening or Slaidburn.
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    Good shout. I don't think they are alone either.