Award for Long Eaton Stalwart

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    Members of Long Eaton Silver Band describe Mayor's Award winner Lisa Balsom as a "saint".

    The tenor horn player juggles her time with the band with her job as a nurse at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre and often uses her nursing skills to help band members.

    The 37-year-old, of Pares Way, Ockbrook, was nominated by Sharon Stansfield, the band's musical director.

    She said that, without Miss Balsom's dedication when band membership was in decline, it may have folded.

    Miss Balsom was secretary and carried out other tasks to ensure the band survived.

    Mrs Stansfield said: "She really cares about people. An ex-band member was in hospital and she visited him twice a day and was taking him presents and doing his washing. She's always ready to help others."

    Miss Balsom, who has given 21 years' service to the band, remained modest about her award.

    She said: "I'm just doing what other people would do. I'm very pleased and proud of the award and I'm chuffed that somebody would think me worthy of it."
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  2. Red Elvis

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    Well done , always good to see another nurse get some recognition !!

    Anymore bandspeople out there that are nurses ?
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    Please pass on my congrats to Lisa - she had been at Long Eaton for not much more than a year when I started playing!!

    Apparantly she saw a fellow nurse (Lynda) going around the hospital with a tenor horn and approached her to ask about local brass bands. The rest is history!

    Not only is she one of the genuinely nice people I know, but she is a good player and makes the best home made wine (from what I can remember!)

    Well done Sharon for ensuring Lisa gets the recognition for all of her efforts regarding the running of the band this last 20 years :)
  4. satchmo shaz

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    thanks Di, will do ;)
  5. Brian

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    Congratulations on the award, well deserved. Nice to see people in banding with such dedication to one band, long may she continue.