Award 4 Poll: Saddo Award

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by MrsDoyle, Jan 1, 2010.


Who's the biggest 'saddo' on tMP?

Poll closed Jan 15, 2010.
  1. 'Getzonica'

    8 vote(s)
  2. 'Columbo'

    5 vote(s)
  3. 'Steve Butler'

    7 vote(s)
  4. 'MoominDave'

    5 vote(s)
  5. 'Di'

    1 vote(s)
  6. 'MrsDoyle'

    6 vote(s)
  1. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    Please see the poll above.
    Voting closes on the 14th.
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  3. Banding Reject

    Banding Reject New Member

    Isnt there already thread on this? :S
  4. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    Looking at the results someone voted for themself. I think we agreed this wasn't allowed.
  5. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    How can you tell that?
  6. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    click 'View Poll Results' on the bottom right of the poll....
  7. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    TBH Daniel, if they are 'sad' enough to vote for themselves to become the tMP Saddo, then they should keep the vote :eek:


    (Sorry Getz!)

    Oh, and the guy with multiple personalities, sorry usernames, has done the same thing on the gamer thread.
  8. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    I can assure you I didn't vote for myself - and how the hot place can I be even considered? Having spent 3 months out of the country and another 3 months absent due to tMPitis!!!!
    It just aint fair!!!
    C'mon folks, get your votes in for Mooooomin, you know it makes sense.
  9. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    I wondered what you were doing on there as well Mr B. If you want my vote you can have it though! XXX
  10. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    It was probably me who voted for themself......although I actually can't remember who I voted for......
  11. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

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  13. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    It was :) s'ok though - like Leyfy said
  14. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    HA HA HA. :). Alright Steve, I vote for the one (or is it 2) that are always on here and posting everywhere. Its a close call though.
  15. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Good call. For that I'll come over and have a closer look at your jeans (with my needle and thread of course). Appy New Year :D
  16. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    I vote for myself in this category because i have voted for myself in the others!
  17. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    Likewise, Donna. If it's good for one it's good for all.
  18. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    I want to add a late vote for best avatar...Messy mezzy!
  19. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    I most definitely concur!!!!!!!!
  20. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy New Member

    Nominating yourself isn't allowed,

    Voting for yourself is
  21. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    C'mon Dave!!!! One last push.....
  22. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

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