Award #4 - Best Signature - tMP Autograph Award

Discussion in 'tMP Site News & Suggestions' started by Di, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Award #4 - Best Signature - tMP Autograph Award

    Please nominate which user- in your opinion - has the 'Best Signature' on tMP. Only current sigs are allowed to be nominated. Can we respectfully request that in the interests of the 6 Years Live fun awards that everyone please keep your signature for the next 3-5 weeks (until the close of nominations - and voting - if your signature is selected for the poll). Thanks.

    Please ensure you make absolutely clear whose siggy you nominate.

    To make your nomination, please simply reply to this thread or to nominate anonymously simply PM any of the tMP team who will then add your nomination to the list.

    Please read the tMP Awards Guidelines before making your nominations.

    Thank you and happy nominating. :)

    Remember : Nominations DO NOT require seconding! :)
  2. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member


    "Tell 'em Chunky sent ya - For da good stuff!"
  3. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Anno Draconis
    "Ugly bag of mostly water"
  4. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    I also nominate LaserBeam Bass.

    Honest Criticism is never welcome, whether from Family, Friends, Colleagues (Work and Band), Acquaintances, Strangers, or Adjudicators.
  5. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    You are brothers I think? Is he talking about you? I agree though its a good signature.:biggrin:
  6. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member


    Family 1. a. a primary social group consisting of parents and offspring.

    Ergo, yes. Amongst the other 16 children, mind, so I could be well down the list...

    Whoops... Sorry, Mezzy. Got carried away. Have been nominated for the Danger award, and it's gone to my head.
  7. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Will, you are not up against Jonp for an award? Heaven help us all I see this becoming very entertaining...
  8. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    i'm doing it last year.....the one who's is "never judge a man before you walk a mile in his shoes" etc...

    help please....
  9. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    That would be Uncky Dunc.

    Bass Trumpet to everyone else :biggrin:
  10. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    I really can't respond to that without having yet another post deleted by the mods! (Good job I saved a copy of my nomination for the tMP user's choice so I can send it around by PM if people ask me to!!!) :rolleyes:
  11. gawber

    gawber Active Member

    I nominate brassneck for the following

    It's not how you play ... it's the way how you play it!
  12. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Gee, thanks! I was wondering when and if anyone would suss out what I was meaning with my sig. on tMP! :clap: (I think Roger Bobo worked it out to his advantage on the Tubanews site a while back!). Bravo!
  13. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    AndyWooler - "I may be not be good but I`m loud and I`m cheap"
  14. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Thread locked: nominations have now closed.

    Watch out for the chance to vote in the polls which will shortly be set up ;)
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