Average electricity prices?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by mjwarman, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. mjwarman

    mjwarman Member

    Wondering if people out there can help?......

    I live in a one bedroom flat with my partner, we have no gas just electricity.

    We would like to know what the average monthly bill should be? Ours seems exceptionally high (£680 in 9 months) and powergen just fob us off with useless excuses, (sorry if anyone is fond of powergen, that is my opinion!)

    Also there is a possibility that our thermostat is faulty and if this is the case I need to know how much to claim off of the landlord!

    On the other hand, might that be right? Does anyone else pay around £85 a month for their energy?

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    It certainly sounds a little high to me. We pay ours by direct debit, £55 per month between the two, which seems to balance out pretty well across the year. (That's for a three-bedroomed terrace house.)
  3. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I've just had my very first set of bills and to be honest though the same. £269 for both for 3 months.
  4. mjwarman

    mjwarman Member

    Are those estimated or actual readings?

    I have spoken to a few friends and they all say things similar to Peter.

    More examples would be great everyone, keep them coming! :)
  5. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    When you say you only have electricity, what sort of heating do you have? Is it all at peak time, with simple heaters and fires, or are there storage heaters/water heating with an overnight cheaper tariff? As it is a flat, is there a common area being heated/lit at your expense too?

    Power costs have risen a lot over the last year or so too.

    Powergen are not exactly noted for being cheap compared to other suppliers, that said, changing is dead easy, but you need to check that the option is right for you, right for the area you live in, and how you want to pay.

    Have a look at one of the online sites for comparison eg. Money Supermarket:
  6. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    That seems way high to me. We don't pay anything like that for a 3-bed house. But as has been said it all depends on what your useage is - I've heard storage heaters can be expensive beasts to run, so make sure you're making the most of the economy 7 times.

    Are these estimated bills BTW? If so I'd get Powergen to come out and read your meter ASAP, and also its worth querying the estimation. Recently we had our revised monthy electricity payment statment come though which was over double our current bill, even though we pretty much ended the year even (I think we were about fifty quid under on a year), I rang them to check and they did a "manual" recalculation. We ended up with a monthly bill £5 more than we currently pay, which is about right, and a huge difference to their original estimated amount.
  7. mjwarman

    mjwarman Member

    We have simple heaters, which up until recently, were never on, now we have them on for about an hour a day. There is a seperate meter for the common areas so that is not part of it.

    We don't have storage heaters, and the hot water is only on during the night, making the most of the Economy 7 times.

    We had one bill for £440, this was estimated, then beginning of this month, they read the meter properly, and this added another £240, I kinda wish they hadn't read it!!

    The electrician/plumber came yesterday and apparently the theromstat was turned up very high, so the hot water was being heated to almost boiling point! This probably had something to do with the high prices. Is the landlord responsible for this? She signed a contract with the estate agents saying everything was hunky dory, and it isn't.

    Thanks for all the feedback so far, it is proving to be very interesting, (for me, i'm sad like that!!:) )
  8. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    Too High I reckon...

    I have a one bedroom flat that I live in Monday-Friday and perhaps a 1 weekend out of 3. My flat is only electricity and still I only paid £48 for the last quarter Dec-Mar. I live on my own and it is an eco-friendly flat but I wouldn't expect yours to be so high in comparison.
  9. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    Quite the opposite, I am afraid.... whilst off peak units are dead cheap, you generally pay a significant amount MORE for daytime units when on an overnight tariff, as compared to a more conventional one, so the heating/tv/washing etc. you are doing during the day/evening is dearer than "normal" and after all that's the longer period, whilst hot water is going to be up to temperature and the thermostat will be turning off (now it is fixed!) after about a couple of hours at night. Use of a timer for washing machines/driers is a good way to offset some of that to off peak, but I wonder if it is ever going to be cheaper to have the arrangement you have - I had this when I first moved into my present house and was effectively using only about 10% of power off peak!

    Remember too, peak electricity for heating costs dramatically more than the equivalent by mains gas, although it is still usually cheaper than bottled gas (LPG)
  10. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    If you've had an immersion heater running, which may account for the hot water, then that will put a big increase on your bill. If you do have one, make sure it's only on for the minimum period, say before you want a bath etc.
  11. blakeyboy

    blakeyboy Member

    Turn off your emersion heater!!!! Only use it when you need to, they are horrid little things and quite litterally 'eat' electricity units.

    If your in an eletricity only property that doesn't have storage heaters then how is your property being heated?

    When your bill was estimated, at 440 I think you said, then you gave and actual reading, were you billed from and estimated reading?

    If you have and incorrect meter reading for when you moved in, or when you changed supplier, this can significantly affect you bills, might be worth checking. Most suppliers do not send out meter readers for changes of occupancy, so might be worth checking as old occupiers account may have a final estimated reading?

    The dispute with the thermostat would be seen as a third party dispute and nothing to do with the supplier, they only deal with supply up to the meter, the meter but anything after the meter is your own responsibility.

    Drop me a pm as I'm back at work on monday and I can always have a quick gleg see if there is anything I can do.
  12. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    we just got our second gas bill:

    1st quarter = 85 quid
    2nd quarter = 595 quid!!!!


    British Gas say we probably have a faulty boiler - which is our problem - but the dispute rages on as the bill climbs higher.....
  13. blakeyboy

    blakeyboy Member

    again I say check your meter readings on the bill and previous, is it playing catch up from an earlier underestimated reading?

    Also to a standard load test, take a meter reading first thing in the morning for 7 days in a row, or at a time more convenient to you but make sure they are at the same time 24 hours apart or there abouts, note what gas appliances are on and being used as well.

    how old is the boiler, might be wise to have a corgi registered engineer check it so you can combat bgas with that, it will of course cost you but hey, its worth it in the end when you go to them with it, they cannot use that excuse then.

    Any other questions give me a shout
  14. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member


    we've been on phone to british gas having a moan, and also onto our letting agency about our boiler.
  15. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    sorry your responsibility to check what level your thermostats are set at and what level you want them set at
  16. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I agree with Michelle, assuming the thermostat is accesible to you. Possibly the landlord should have mentioned it, but it is really the tenants' responsibility to check out all these things.

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