Aveley and Newham - Building Bridges CD

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    Buy Building Bridges by the Aveley and Newham Band for only £10 (+1.99 p&p)


    • Producer :: Keith Farrington
    • Sound Engineer :: Harold Barnes
    • Digital Editing & Mastering :: R.E Editing
    • Recorded at :: Shenfield High School, Essex 26th & 27th November 2005
    • Program Notes :: Tim Casey
    • Layout & Typesetting :: D.R. Graphics
    • Front Cover Design :: Tim Casey & Mike Langston
    • Additional Design :: Simion Baxter Cox
    • Artwork :: Mike Langston
    • Special thanks to :: Kevin Humphreys, James Walker and Heidi Casey
    To View the Track Listing, Click Here

    To Buy Building Bridges visit

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    I can recommend this cd, having recently picked up a copy via ebay: fine playing from the band and some first-class solo work.
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    Buy this CD.. it's great..

    Then, I would say that as I play on it.......
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