Ave Maria Schubert ( ct./flugal solo ) ?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Sandy Smith, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Sandy Smith

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    A friend has been asked to play the Schubert Ave Maria as a flugel solo with band accompaniment at a wedding in a few months but can't find an arrangement.
    I've had a very quick search but strangely can't find one.

    Surely there must be one ?

    Can anybody help with any published ones he could buy ?

  2. nickjones

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    Am sure there is a Ray Farr arrangement ( prima vista musik) , the only other one I can think off is the Phil McCann with Organ , hope this helps Mr Smith..
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  4. Gavin

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    Hey Sandy

    We have an arrangement. It's cataloged as a Euphonium Solo, but we have just had a look and think that it can be played as a Cornet Solo. The Flugel has it's own part so therefore it might not be as straight forward to do it as a Flugel Solo.

    Hope this helps

    All the best

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    Alan Catheral did an arrangement for Bryan Tait to play at his sisters wedding with Organ backing. he then fleshed it out to a full band one.
  6. smaca

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    On the subject of Ave Maria, I strongly recommend Sandy's arrangement of the Guilio Caccini version. Played it many times, and has brought a tear to many an eye(not sure if it was my bad playing that done that!)Awesome arrangement.
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  8. Sandy Smith

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    Thanks to all for the info. on the Schubert Ave Maria

    - and thanks to "smaca" for his kind words on my arr. of Caccini's version.