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    Hi there everyone,

    Following the unfortunate demise of Riddings Band last year, a meeting was held by the trustees of the band last night, whereupon the Instruments, uniforms, assorted equipment and music library were discussed.

    It was decided that to have instruments doing nothing would be an utter shame, and that they should be offered out on loan to an organisation that can benefits from them. As the trustees were following the constitution, it was agreed that the instruments be loaned for a period of three years from 8th July 2008.

    I will point out here however, if in that time frame, anyone should want to reform the said Riddings Band the instruments would have to be returned to the trustees of Riddings Band. Obviously this is a clause that needs to be highlighted.

    It was decided that we would welcome applications from any organisations wanting to take advantage of this decision, and this can be from Youth Bands, schools etc and it would be desirable for the instruments to be kept together, as distributing them here, there and everywhere would be unmanageable.

    The instruments available are as follows:

    6 Bb Cornets, 5 Sovereign and 1 Yamaha Maestro
    1 Schilke Soprano
    1 Vincent Bach Flugel
    2 Sovereign Tenors Horns
    3 Tenor troms ( I don't know models)
    1 Bass Trombone ( ditto)
    Full compliment of Euphoniums, Baritones, Eb and Bb basses, all of which are Sovereigns to the best of my knowledge.

    There are two separate music libraries, details of which I will gladly give to any band interested, again these are to go out initially on loan.

    Other items such as mutes, music stands etc will be made available on request.

    Please PM me if you are interested, or know of any organisation that may be able to make use of the above.

    Anyone interested in any of the above, please contact me initially by PM or e-mail on simon0303@btinternet.com


    Hi everyone,

    I've been inundated with pm's and e-mails in response to this particular notice, and very pleased to have had so many enquiries from youth, lower section bands in the local area to Riddings. I have to now say no more requests for at least the time being, whilst we try to sort the instruments out.

    I never thought there would be so many requests from so many worthy organisations and it's made me think how many more extinct bands are there out there, with instruments stored that could be put to use, or bands that have instruments in the bandroom that are gathereing dust. just a thought at present.

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