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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by essexgirl, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. essexgirl

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    With no Pontins this year, we are looking around for some ideas of a contest to enter, needs to be Sept/Oct. to fit in with other commitments. Any one got some ideas?, prepared to travel......

    thank you
  2. Coverhead

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  3. Thirteen Ball

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    The Northern Open/Wilkinson's (in St Helens.) 20/11/2011 (Can't find a website)

    Lecistershire Brass Band Association Contest (near Loughborough) 27/11/2011

    North Wales Open (Rhyl) - not sure if this is still going?

    Used to be a contest in Uppermill around that time too but I can't find any reference to it on the web.
  4. sjs

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    Fleetwood around the beginning of October
  5. jockinafrock

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  6. Bass Trumpet

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    The SCABA Folkestone contest is usually at the end of Sept. However last year it was over subscribed, so got your entry in quick!

    Edit - sorry I've just realised your location! Mind you, bands come from Holland and Belgium to do Folkestone.
  7. blue juice

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    Leicester Open is 27th November I think
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  8. essexgirl

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    thanks everyone for the ideas, think we will go with Fleetwood
  9. lewis

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    Does anybody have a link for the folkstone contest? I can't find it anywhere
  10. Accidental

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    Details will be on the scaba website. Its on Sat 8th Oct, the schedule isn't out yet but it will go on the website, or you can ask Jane (contest manager) to send you one.