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  1. vonny

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    I have finally booked a holiday to Australia. Myself and Keely will be staying in Perth (city centre), arriving on Saturday 20th May. We initially wanted to go to Melbourne but at the time of booking the hotel was no longer available for the dates.
    A friend recommended Perth saying it was a lovely city so we decided this is the place to stay.
    I am interested in visiting and possibly having a blow at a band nearby. I have done some research myself and there are a couple. I would be very grateful if anyone knows of these bands or indeed plays with them to get in touch with me via pm.

    Thank you

    Yvonne x
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  2. Steve

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    Midland Brick are somewhere around Perth I believe -
    Canning City -
    City of Perth Brass Band -

    You cant go all the way out there to play in bands Vonny, Perth just sucks you into the drinking and the partying :D
  3. Key2207

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    That's what I keep telling her... :D
  4. vonny

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    Thank you steve I really appreciate your information...
    I am very excited this morning because I have had replies of offers to play in 2 bands. One of the bands is a concert band situated a few miles away in Perth, and the other a brass band which is on the suburds. Both contacts have offered us transport and how to get about Perth which is brilliant :)

    I want to go and play in bands in oz because:

    I love playing
    It's a great opportunity
    Meet new people
    Able to see banding from a different perspective

    These are only a few of the reasons why I am travelling miles away from home and want to play in bands.

    Yvonne x

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