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    I have been offered a move to Melbourne Australia by my company which I must confess, I am seriously considering taking. I know that brass bands are alive and well down under, but what level of banding is it. I have played professionally for 12 years, but recently I have been playing with my original band in the second section. I don't really have any interest in joining a Championship section band as family life comes first for me now. Also, some advice on areas to avoid when choosing a new home, we are looking around the Altona area of the city.
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    I dont think they take just anyone Mark, you have to meet a certain criteria and being a dab hand with a Vacuum Cleaner and impersonating Bobby Crush isnt on the list.
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    Mark maaaaate,

    Our principal cornet player lives in the Altona area and when you arrive here, please drive down the Princes Freeway to Geelong - we'd love to see you.

    We are a great outfit - love a beer and even playing a bit of music from time to time. Just been promoted to B Grade (about 6 months or so back) and came 3rd in that Section at the recent Oz Nationals - not a bad effort :clap: :clap: if I say so.

    The distances we travel here is a lot bigger than in the UK. Our soppy does a round trip of approx. 500 Km every rehearsal - man...he loves banding!!! Me, it's about 20 Km each way so that's easy.

    Naturally, there are other bands but we're the friendliest :D Check out our web-site. You'll be made very welcome and you wont even have to drag out the Hoover!!!!

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    Hahaha...............Mark, were your ears burning a couple of nights back - or rather, your middle of the day ????

    I believe you have received an e-mail to your comments on Geelong West band's Guest Book.........something like 20 Questions - from Shedman.

    BTW we had finished rehearsal and were enjoying some :guiness and hot chips and tomato sauce. Now if that doesn't make you want to "come and have a bash" with us, nothing will. Well, perhaps the threat of allowing you to ride the Hoover!!!!