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  1. Andy Moore

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    Who would've thought an Italian dive would be the cause of the Socceroos' exit?

    I feel so sorry for them.
  2. super_sop

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    feel very sorry for the roos, i hate all this cheating malarky. its ruining the game
  3. That was so NOT a penalty! I was shouting at the ref.. not that he can hear me from here like.. lol. Australia's dreams shattered, just because of a good dive! :( I didn't want Australia to win the World Cup, obviously, because I want us to win.. but, I wanted them to win today!
  4. dyl

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    Yes, very unlucky. However.............

    ........what goes around, comes around, for dirty, cheating Lucas Neil I'm afraid!
  5. Andy Moore

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    I wanted Italy to go out before KO because of their consistent diving. I wouldn't have complimented him on it, I thought it was fairly obvious myself.

    FWIW Australia could've well beaten Switzerland or Ukraine, which looks set to be the first game in world cup history to end in negative numbers.
  6. To tell you the truth, tonight was the first time in the World Cup I've watched Italy play.. but to me it looked like they were constantly pushing and pulling Australia around, and that dive.. was just so obvious that it was almost the end of added minutes and they were desperately trying for something to go in their favour... which worked, obviously. The linesman should have corrected the Ref, because that really wasn't fair.
  7. Bigenglandfan

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    Are you sure that the "linesman should have correctedthe ref". I've been an avid footy watcher for 40 years and I can't ever remember a ref "ungiving" a penalty once it has been awarded. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just can't imagine it happening.

    And by the way, it was a shocker of a decision, but as Dyl said, Lucas Niell has got away with plenty and now it just came back to bite him.
  8. In my view.. as soon as the ref said it was a penalty, the linesman should have said "Look, I'm sorry but that's not a penalty, he dived" But, I am only female... I don't even know the offside rule.. but I don't care :biggrin: I do know that the penalty shouldn't have been allowed to be taken... :tongue:
  9. IanHeard

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    Hard luck Aussie!
    You do the barbecues....we`ll do the football!
  10. jingleram

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    LOL :clap:
  11. 2nd man down

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    It's just so typical of the Italians.

    They should have their own reality tv program.

    Can't win, won't win (until we start diving).
  12. dyl

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    The Aussie view of the World Cup: (click to enlarge)

    aussieitaly10ju.jpg aussieitaly28la.jpg aussieitaly36ns.jpg aussieitaly47bv.jpg

    Incidentally, how camp does Lucas Neil look in that last photo?