Australia V Bangladesh

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by postie, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. postie

    postie Member

    I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about Australia's latest defeat against the mighty Bangladesh. What a perfomance from Bangladesh Fantastic!!!!
  2. stephen2001

    stephen2001 Member

    I've literally only just seen the scorecard, but I am amazed and can't quite believe the result at the moment!
  3. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Of course being completely impartial in these matters I was dumbfounded by the inability of the Aussies to create a winning total against the whipping boys of international cricket, and all that it remains for me to do is leave you all with these words

    Sir Donald Bradman, Dame Edna Everage, Ned Kelly, Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Shane "He's blonde, he's bent, his @rse is up for rent" Warne, Brett "chucker" Lee, Kylie Minogue, Danii Minogue, Michael Hutchence, Rolf Harris, Pat Cash, Greg Norman, Cathy Freeman, Paul Hogan, Crocodile Dundee, Crocodile Dundee II, Crocodile Dundee III, Neighbours, Home & Away, The Flying Doctors, Clive James, David Campese, John Eales, The Thorpedo, Michael Klim, Skippy The Kangaroo, Craig Johnston, Mark Bosnich, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Stan "Skippy" Lazaridis, Aussie Ardiles, Aussie Ozborne, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi, Ugly Ugly Ugly you you you,

    Your boys took one HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of a beating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. uncle eric

    uncle eric Member

    dear friends, i hate this sort of jingoistic post. just because they spend all of their government money on sport, and lose to bangladesh, that cricket backwater, in what is basically their national game, they shouldn't be mocked. what hurts me more is this accusation of a lack of culture that many people seem to air these days. i've slightly edited mr bass' post to prover to people how much culturally the australians have given the world. and it doesn't even mention mental as anything and angry anderson........


    uncle eric.
  5. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Dont know if this bodes well for the test series or not. They are gonna be well p****d by the time it comes to the real cricket at this rate
  6. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    I was saving additional aussie cultural icons for the next instalment, but as you have called my bluff I shall no longer entertain the idea. In addition surely the point of my list was that aussie cricketers, and numerous other sporting celebs, who have over the years taken great delight in Pom bashing should be named and shamed, with the possible exception of Sir Don Bradman, who was a gentleman, but couldn't quite average 100 per test innings :rolleyes:
  7. ted

    ted Member

    That's still 39.21 more than any Poms can ever muster.

  8. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Yesterday's news....

    Anyhow, that which LBB posted was the short version....
  9. uncle eric

    uncle eric Member

    well done ted.

    a number to 2 decimal spaces and as far as i can tell no spelling mistakes.
    your country will be proud.


    uncle eric
  10. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    And it's not actually correct, given that Ian Bell currently has a test average of 297...
  11. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    And Keving Pieterson's is well over 140 after yesterdays thriller!
  12. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    Actually it's over 162 !!!!

    Are we sure Oz should still have test status? - wouldn't it be kinder if they played a few county teams first to give them a feel of the big time? This sort of thing really degrades cricket, I feel :p
  13. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Dear Mr Sparke,

    As you have been known to compose pieces to celebrate auspicious occassions, can we expect a piece called "The Day a Kangaroo-Eating Tiger Was Let Loose in Cardiff?"

    And will it be ready for the areas 2006:?:
  14. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    Not yet - I will wait till the end of the summer (when Oz's aged bowlers will be well past it) and after KP has hit SW into the crowd a few times.

    Trouble is, you CAN'T drop Thorpe. We'll have to play 12 and hope the foreign umpire chappies can't count past 6.

    Just a quick word for glorious Middx who chased down 406 of less than 80 on Satudray :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  15. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Ooo I was fighting that exact same arguement today. Thorpe should definitly have his place, when England (inevitably at one stage this summer) find themselve at 89-4, who do you want in...has to be Thorpe!
  16. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    I fancy

  17. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    I agree, hope Giles sorts his injuries out in time (and collingwood as 12th man with lots of opportunities to field!) Although it does seem a little unfair to Bell...he hasn't really done anything wrong!

    What a nice kind of dilemma to have, especially when Jones (Simon, nice legs) is fit again.
  18. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    He's joined up with the squad today!!!! All is fine, I believe.
  19. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Please note that this is one of the rare occassions were I have actually laughed out loud at one of my brothers funnies. 1615 20 June 2005 a memorable day. [​IMG][​IMG]
  20. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Would agree, but surely Bell with his batting and Collingwood with his all-round ability deserve a place? I have to say, I don't envy the selectors task, but saying that, I'd rather have too many players to choose from than not enough! We are lucky to have a pool of top-class players that we can draw from!