Aussies rule once again....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Aaron, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Aaron

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    For any cricket fan of British birthship, these must be pretty painful & embarrassing times.
    I cant imagine the pitiful, empty feeling you must all have at the moment, having watched Team (bunch of overpaid losers, the best player being South African) England surrender first the (THR)Ashes & then the ODI so weakly & laxking any fight, pride or the traditional "Bulldog" spirit that is so often associated with British sport.

    Unfortunately, its far from over, there are another 4 weeks of torture & defeats to be endured, I hate to say this but I believe even the South Africans can beat the pommes now your heads are down

    Ah, I can almost hear Advance Australia Fair echoeing around the makes you proud to be an Aussie!!!

    Anyone got some views on where Team England go from here to restore confidence & pride?
    Can Vaughany bring back the glories of 2005?
    Or should Fletcher admt he's got it wrong & leave now?
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