Audley Horn Trio, Brodick Hall, Arran, November 14th

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    Audley Horn Trio, Brodick Hall, Arran, November 13th

    The Audley Horn Trio gave a concert as part of the Isle of Arran's annual concert series at Brodick Hall. The usual line up is John Thwaites (piano) Susanne Stanzeleit (violin) and Stephen Stirling (French horn). Alas, Stephen Stirling was otherwise engaged and had to pull out at short notice due to imminent fatherhood! Nevertheless, a replacement was acquired in the shape of Hugh Potts, a member of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. And anyone listening to this concert would have been hard pressed to tell that a last minute replacement had come in!

    Hugh Potts kicked the evening off by firstly, giving a quick demonstration of how brass instruments work by means of a length of hosepipe and a funnel. An oft used demonstration but useful to the residents of Arran, who, although home to a brass band, have precious little experience of how brass instruments work. He followed this by giving a thoroughly musical rendition of a very tricky Sonata by Beethoven. One or two accidents evident but as a demonstration in breath control, phrasing and all round musicianship, it was a marvellous performance. His sound at all dynamic ranges was wonderful.

    Susanne Stanzeleit followed with, again, a thoroughly musical performance of the Franck Violin Sonata, and although her back was turned on the pianist John Thwaites, the understanding between them was complete. I felt however, that Ms Stanzeleit could have on occasions, been a bit bolder with her tone .

    Nevertheless, the best of a very good evening was saved for an absolutely sumptuous rendition of the Brahms Horn Trio. The ensemble, the general musical understanding and the phrasing from all players was top notch. Hard to believe, in Hugh Potts' case, that he'd come in at a week's notice and between them had only rehe***** 'the tricky bits' and not had a full run through of the piece! What was evident was that each member of the trio was clearly at home with the Brahms, the rubati, the dynamic contrasts, balance and the cohesion was spot on throughout.

    A thoroughly enjoyable concert, and as a resident of Arran, generally starved of classical music concerts in comparison to London, a most welcome evening.

    Forgive me for posting a review of a concert not entirely dedicated to brass but all the same, (for brass players' benefit) in Hugh Potts' case, a wonderfully rounded musician and ensemble player. I hope they return in the not too distant future.
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