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    Please see later posts for current vacancies.

    Thank you. :)

    Audley Brass, based in Audley, Staffordshire (2 miles from M6 J16) need a BBb bass player.

    Rehearsals Friday and Sunday 7.30 - 9.30

    3rd section from Jan 07

    To apply, please email or

    updated contact details: For further details, please PM audleybrass or email Andrea at
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  2. This band is lovely and all friendly people! they are a good band who i played for at pontins and wilkinsons! i can tell you, you probably can't find a more friendly, committed band!
  3. AudleyBrass

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    Audley Brass is still in need of a Bb bass player, see first post for details.

    However, we are pleased to announce that we now have a full lineup of cornet players, thanks to Callum, who plays Principal Cornet in our training band, and will soon be playing 3rd cornet in the main band.
  4. vcbjet

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    Another great plus to coming along to Audley as Bb Bass player is that you get sit next to me!!!!
  5. vcbjet

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    Cmmon guys this is getting ridiculous now (5 months since we first posted the ad!) - surely there is a Bb Bass player in the North Staffs/Cheshire area that is willing to come and sit next to me - I am not that scary honest - you can check my profile on our website if you like!!
  6. AudleyBrass

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    Audley Brass is looking for a Solo Trombonist. See top post for application details, or PM me.

    For further details about the band, have a look at our website

    (We're still looking for that elusive Bb bassist too!)
  7. AudleyBrass

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    Keele/Staffs/Crewe students

    The solo trombone and Bb bass positions may suit students studying or planning to study at university at Keele, Staffs uni (Stoke campus) or MMU (Crewe or Alsager campus) as they are all within a few miles of Audley.
  8. AudleyBrass

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    Vacancy for MD

    Audley Brass requires a MUSICAL DIRECTOR.

    The band is based in Audley just off J16 of the M6, on the Cheshire/ Staffordshire border. We currently rehearse Fridays and Sundays 7.30 -9.30pm.

    The band has a busy concert schedule, but also enjoys contesting, and has competed in several contests over the last year.

    See our website for further information about the band.

    For further details, please PM audleybrass or email Andrea at
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  9. shaunbasstrom

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    Audley brass band vacancies!!

    Audley brass band are looking for cornets, solo horn, baritone, basses. We are in the midlands 3rd section and are looking fill these posts as soon as possible. We have a sensible diary of concerts and contests and are about to move into a purpose built bandroom in the new year situated 5 mins off junction 16 M6. The band are a very nice bunch and it would be a lovely team to become a part of.
    Any questions feel free to ask them here or if you prefer to enquire in confidence give me Shaun Farrington newly appointed MD of the band a call or text on 07701017501 .
    Thanks for taking the time to read this ad!!
  10. vcbjet

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    Can I add that Shaun is doing a great job wagging with the band, come and join the revolution!
  11. vcbjet

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    Do you live in North Staffs or South Cheshire?

    Do you live in North Staffs or South Cheshire, and do you fancy a challenge?

    Audley Brass are currently recruiting and with an exciting new MD in Shaun Farrington (Ex-BT), a BRAND NEW BANDROOM, and an good mix of concerts and contests coming up, now could not be a better time to come along and have a blow!

    The band has a friendly atmosphere and welcomes anybody interested in coming along to get in contact with us.

    Any players are welcome, but we specifically looking for Bass and Cornet players.

    Either PM me, or visit our website for more details!
  12. BoBo

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    To be even more specific, we are looking for both Eb and Bb bass players, with cornets we have can be flexible as there are players willing to move seat so front row, rep, 2nd or 3rd cornets most welcome
  13. "Come on Down"

    This is only the second time Iv'e submitted a post on TMP. I'm just supporting BoB (Big Boy). Why don't you come down and see/play in our new band room. It's "AWESOME" Talk about dry, you can hear every note!! Especially the bad ones! Yes we now have every modern facility (even an inside toilet!) Our new MD Shaun is pretty awesome too!
    We did well at Whit Friday - 14th at Stalybridge Celtic and winning 3rd section band at Duckinfield. We also have a busy summer concert programme including a prestigious outdoor concert at the Dorothy Clive Gardens near Woore
    A few more cornets and Basses (Eb or BBb) would be nice. Come and try us, we are a pretty friendly bunch. Visit our website or ring Shaun on 07701017501 if you are interested. Look forward to hearing from you!!

  14. BoBo

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    We know there are bass and cornet players hiding out there in south Cheshire and north Staffs. Don’t be shy. If like us you enjoy making good quality music then come and give us a try.

    Visit our website or text/ring Shaun on 07701017501.
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  15. BoBo

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    Based in reach of south Cheshire / north Staffs? Then we would love to meet you. We can be flexible, so whatever you play and however long it is since you have played there is nothing to lose by talking to Shaun, he's cool..........:cool:

    Visit our website or text/ring Shaun on 07701017501.
  16. lilcornetgirl

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    I wish you all the best from meeting some of your band at Pontins one year (when i was playing with denton) i think you were all friendly and if i lived close then i would be popping up for a blow but it is a bit far away lol hope you all the very best.

    Donna x
  17. Thanks Donna, only wish you were a bit closer!:clap:
  18. Hey Bobo

    Ive just been thinking!! Unusual for me I know!! Why are we trying to recruit players? Reason: Because in the last 15 months we have lost/had nicked 6 players to local championship bands!! There is definitely a hidden message here! i.e. If you want to hone your skills as a player in a custom built, all new, acoustically brilliant band room with an MD who is "THE BUSINESS", AUDLEY is THE PLACE to play. Come down and join us, you never know where it may lead!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    Visit our website: or ring our MD Shaun
    on 07701017501
  19. Hey folks I withdraw the words "had nicked" from my previous post. Sorry for any offence!!:oops:
  20. BoBo

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    Well what a Gentleman Peter is.

    I think what he was trying to say was that that Audley's high standards make it a good place to come and improve your standard of playing. We have managed to replace some of those missing 6 so our situation is not dire.

    Whatever you play we can most likely fit you in somewhere as we have some very versatile players.

    Visit our website or text/ring Shaun on 07701017501.

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