Audley Brass’ Rocky Road to Fundraising

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    Audley Brass Band is planning to stage a rock concert to help raise funds for their bandroom rebuilding project. But don’t worry there won’t be any “Stairway to Heaven” arranged for euphoniums. The band have found that a number of their members are also involved in rock bands, and they have agreed to give a concert to help Audley Brass.

    The reasons for this departure are twofold. The first is that there is only so much money the band can take from brass band followers in its area. The band’s concerts are very well attended and hugely popular but it would be unfair to rely on raising money from the same (relative few) people all of the time. In marketing speak – the band is diversifying into new market segments, and trying to bring new money into the brass band movement.

    The second is that band members have benefited from the ensemble musical experiences that they have had with the brass band. They have taken these experiences, along with band ethics such as meeting commitments and mutual respect, and hints and tricks like practice methods, into their other musical ventures. The rock bands have benefited from having members who have also been members of Audley Brass, and this is their opportunity to give a little back.

    Whilst the band has a lot of experience of organising its own concerts, it has none in managing the younger, more energetic crowd it is expecting at this concert, so it has teamed up with a local youth charity, Alsager Youth Project, who have experience of this from running youth clubs. The two organisations are learning from each other. Alsager Youth Project has wanted to stage concerts for and by young people for some time but has not had the skills/experience needed to arrange them.

    Of course Audley Brass will continue to provide its own concerts and raise funds in many other ways at the same time. For more information see the Audley Brass website

    The concert is on 9th September, for more details see the tMP calendar here:
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