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    In an audition, what would be the best "style's" of music to perform if you are allowed to chose two pieces of music ?

    The reason for the question is that I have a lot of auditions coming up and looked for advice from a lot of people, and everyone tells me different things :confused:

    A slow piece of sort crop's up most often which I agree with, but what about the other ? Air vari ? Concerto ? 20th century ? Classical ? ? :S

    Any thoughts, tips and advice on the topic would be much appreciated :)
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    If they know your playing.. maybe try shocking them with something you been working on? It's a good skill to show you've identified a weakness then developed it. -Only if you're comfortable with this though.
    If they don't know you, then just try to show off. If you're looking at different styles, make sure you can show you understand these differences. Just listen to music in the same style/same era and get the tips from there. Things will just rub off on you when you listen + not enough banders do this! Also, If you do any Euph arrangement make sure you know what the original was. They may ask you about it!

    Good Luck :D
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    Thanks, that made a lot of sense from a big mess :) They don't know my playing, ( or I think they don't! ) and I'm going to be playing a Flower song (slow melody) and the 1st movement from horovitz Euph concerto, so I will defiantly be looking in to the history of Flower song, I know a bit, Carmen and all that! but you can't know enough about a piece :)

    Thanks for the advice :D
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    Always play to your strengths, and that you can demonstrate to the panel that you enjoy playing both the instrument and music. Have a look at their syllabus and see if there are pieces that you are familiar with. That way, it forges a link between you and the course demands.
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    Thanks , note taken. Especially forge-ing a link between myself and the course! :)