Audition successes for Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band

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    Celebrations for young trombonist Rhiannon

    The Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band's 10 year old Prinicpal Trombonist Rhiannon Symonds is celebrating an early Christmas present after being awarded a place in 2 of Great Britain's most prestigious ensembles, the National Children's Orchestra Under 11's and the National Children's Wind Sinfonia playing trombone.

    Rhiannon, who is a pupil at Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls, travelled from the Forest of Dean with her mum Kristyann to Birmingham and Cardiff during October for the national auditions. She is one of just 4 trombonists selected for each of the ensembles and will take her place on the week long residential courses next Spring (NCWS) and Summer (NCO). In addition to the courses she will attend monthly rehearsals in Weston with the NCO's South West Regional Orchestra.

    Since starting to play the trombone and euphonium just 2 years ago, Rhiannon has been fortunate to have played at the Royal Albert Hall with the North Monmouthshire Senior Wind Band and Symphony Hall with the North Monmouthshire Senior Orchestra and the Newport Music Centre Brass Band. She is grateful to her conductor Mr. Alun F Williams and her teacher Mr. Kevin Price (Head of Brass, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama) for "encouraging" her to learn bass clef!

    “When I started to play the trombone 2 years ago I only wanted to play in a brass band so I learnt to read treble clef which is what the tenor trombones in a brass band read. Last October, I joined the North Monmouthshire Senior Wind Band but the music was all in bass clef so my Mum, who is my Euphonium teacher, had to write all the parts out for me. This was okay but then one rehearsal Mr. Williams told us about the new North Monmouthshire Senior Orchestra and I wanted to play with them because they were playing Pirates of the Caribbean and the trombone parts sounded awesome. So, I started to work it out for myself during the rehearsals and didn’t let Mum help" explains Rhiannon.

    Mr. Williams and my trombone teacher Mr. Price have been great as they both helped me if I got it wrong. It was hard work, but I am so glad I did it because I wouldn’t have been able to join the National Children’s Wind Sinfonia or the National Children’s Orchestra if I couldn’t read bass clef!

    I still read treble clef as I also play in the Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band and the National Children's Brass Band of Great Britain so I do get myself in a muddle sometimes but hopefully I can work on that before the courses!”

    Congratulations Rhiannon from your fellow Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band members.

    (you can hear the FODAYBB in their debut performance on Saturday 8th December 2007 at 1.00pm at Lakers School, Coleford, Glos as part of the Forest of Dean Area Wind Band Christmas Concert. P.M. me for further details)

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