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    I'm thinking of playing the following pieces for my audition at the RNCM, but someone's told me that they think they're a bad choice. Do you think that these are bad (i.e. two, if not completely contrasting air varies) choices. If so, what do you suggest?

    All ears

    Capriccio Brilliante
    Elegy from the Ellerby Concerto and
    Variations on a Welsh Theme
  2. Seedhouse

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    Hi Bunny me old chum!

    I think that you've got two out of three good choices there. As explained to me in selecting my pieces, it would be good to have a slow lyrical piece- your Ellerby, a "traditional" brass band solo- your air varie, and finally a transcription- which is the one you haven't covered.

    My pieces for all my auditions include:
    Fantasy, Hummel (transcription)
    La Belle Americaine, Hartmann (traditional air varie)
    The Holy Well, Graham (slow lyrical piece)

    Of course you don't have to follow my advice, but I hope we both end up at the same Music College! (wherever that will be we'll have to see!!!) :rolleyes: ;)
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    Well, the ellerby and welsh theme are good choices. Don't think cappriccio is a good choice though. Maybe try something like Gareth Woods concertino. Thats got an amazin cadenza in it, which shows off range and sound and rhythmic ability :)

    Go for it!!!

    me xx
  4. brassneck

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    transriptions? What about the Bellini Concerto, Mendelssohn's violin concerto, or Richard Strauss's horn concerto no.1 to name a few!