Audition paper I had to take once (Large Image)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Fishsta, Mar 12, 2004.

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    Oooo that's evil! :lol:
  3. flugelgal

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    VERY Evil...

    K :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Trigger

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    It's called multi-tasking!!! (Not that I could ever play that- as long as my a**e points down!!) :lol:
  5. Funny, but practically true.
  6. David Robinson

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    I could play the woman's part in my sleep!
  7. James Yelland

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    According to newspaper reports last week, Abide with Me (sorry - Eventide) was the tune that many people under the influence of mind-altering drugs said they heard in their heads. I'm not sure how that nugget of information furthers this thread................ :?
  8. Seedhouse

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    Lol! That's cool, surely not true though! :?
  9. Fishsta

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    Oh, come on... 437 bars rest, 3 notes, then another 437 bars rest?

    Guitar solo, free chant, flute solo, spoken, mounds of pauses, ties, slurs and key signatures to blow your brain?

    Just look at the last bar! In fact, the whole last bit from the key change to 15 flats!
  10. HBB

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    Does that mean they're actually double flats?! :? :D
  11. MoominDave

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    Yeah - think about how the scales wrap around the octave - the cycle of 5ths suggests that 1 key flatter than Cb major (7 flats) will be Fb major, and the scale will be Fb Gb Ab Bbb Cb Db Eb Fb - Bs are double flatted in the key signature in 8 flats. In 15, everything would be double-flatted, and Bs would be treble-flatted.

  12. HBB

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    So Glad I'm XY :D
  13. MoominDave

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    This one's good too:


    Do you think that John Stump is a pseudonym for James McFadyen?

  14. HBB

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    Lol. Cornet use Ice?

    Gradually slide from 12 Bar Blues to a more Vivaldi like Cadence!!!!!! :D

    Great! :D
  15. Dave Euph

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    Very funny, now watch as the female auditonees all cross-dress for their audition :evil:
  16. HBB

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    That'd be a sight in itself! :D
  17. Fishsta

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    Hey, everyone... I was just looking through the old website I did for Lostock Hall Band (, when I found these pics, and I noticed they'd been removed from here for some reason... probably during a forum update.

    Well, here they are again for you!

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    Sounds like something off the Cory's bandroom in the seventies.......Gals got Carnival of Venice, Blokes got Deep Harmony!