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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by awalker, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. awalker

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    Does anybody know of any pieces of music which have some form of audience participation. :clap:

    We have one piece, Tijuana Taxi where the audience shout out TAXI at certain places and are now looking for something new.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. themusicalrentboy

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    Christmas music - Sneewaltzer (sp?) and I know, I know, but if our MD could get the audience in Lincoln Cathedral to do the swaying in it then it shouldn't be too tricky to do elsewhere
  3. ploughboy

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    We've done - I'll be there for you (friends theme tune) with the audience joining in with the clapping. With some inventive thinking you can get the audience involved in alsorts of piece's.
    Fantasia on British Sea-Songs there's the clapping in the hornpipe, singing in other places.
  4. sunshine

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    A shot of tequila

    Try Tequila !!!

    We've given members of the audience maracas, claves, chocolas, whistles and sandscrapers to play during the percussion interlude. Always found audience to be very enthusiatic - getting them to stop playing is the hard bit. And of course the whole audience gets to shout TEQUILA (hopefully in the right places).


    The Birdie Song,New York New York,Underneath the spreading chestnut tree and Prague if you want them to throw stuff at the band !:bounce
  6. awalker

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    Thanks. Do you know who Tequila is by and who publishes it.

  7. WoodenFlugel

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    As it's coming up to Chr....Chr....Chr.... - sorry can't bring myself to say the word in November, you could try the 12 Days of Chr...

    We do this every year at our Chr.. concert and it aways goes down really well. All you need to do is get various sections of the audience to stand up and sing certain verses and you're off. Oh and the band will need sat-nav to negotiate their way through the version in the red carol books...
  8. Keith Stanley James Lever

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    Tequila was written by Chuck Rio in 1958 and was published by Leeds Music Ltd Derek Broadbent made an arrangement of it for brass band and I do believe it is published by Wright And Round.
  9. Bones

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    Guess we arent talking about the Terrorvision version with kids choir he he he he he he
  10. BoBo

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    Dobcross did the 1812 overture a few years ago with balloons issued to the audience to be popped at the appropriate moment.
  11. sarah_bari#1

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    Or if you have any school teachers in the band, get their kiddie winkles to make huge cards with each of the twelve days on with pictures, and get them to stand up in similar fashion. Works a treat!:biggrin:
  12. sunshine

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    Actually the version we have was arranged by a former MD of ours. Unfortunately we no longer have all the parts - otherwise I would send it to you. I'll check and see which parts are missing and PM you with details just in case you are interested.

    Sunshine x
  13. awalker

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    Cheers sunshine. Thanks very much ! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: