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    Are there any ex Salvation Army Manchester Youth Band Members out there if so would love to here from you
    Do you remeber the days of Railton Hirst Christopher Hatton and Julian Yon Barry Ogden
    And who could forget GEMMA LOCKWOOD from Nelson Corps
    IF There is any one out there fancy a Pint of Coke
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    Hey DJ, I was at Liverpool Walton Corp remember doin Manchester music school a few years when we didn't have one.Also remember doin Manchester Youth Band Tour of Scotland & the pre tour festival.Think were talkin pre railybobs.People like John & Ali Fearn,Si & Nic Brooksbank, Dweller & of course Daz 'Slev' Slevin.Not at the Army anymore but certainly remember sum fun times.Are you still playing if so what & where?If I recall correctly were you not a Bari player?
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    Still PLaying But on Percussion now and Soprano

    Nice To hear From You
    I PLAy AT Hollingworth BB
    Do you remeber Olly Chalker Spud U LIke
    with Aiden and Big Mark
    and even Alan Burns
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    Oh yes not seen any of em for a few years though.Aidans family are still at the corp at southport only know this as I still have family there!Think his brother ollie is actually songster leader at the mo. :D
  5. johnflugel

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    Aidan Grills? If so, he is living in Leeds now - goes to Leeds Central corps and plays horn.

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    Aiye thats right... Aidan is in Leeds... I went to Manchester music school in 92 when all the above people where knocking around (Aidan, Olly etc) :D .
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    I is here Baz. how the devil are you?

    A pal of mine told me about this thread last night at Glossop. Get in contact with me.
  8. Camp Jimmy

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    Ellowww Baz!!! I'm around - but you already knew thaat! :guiness
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    CND Youth Band

    I was on the Percussion with Guy around in 1996 the time when Gordon Kersopp was the bandmaster . Am still playing percussion at Rochdale Citadel Band and also the Central North Divisional Band. Of course the youth band has pack in altogether about a good 9 years ago.
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    (And dont we know that hes on percussion!) ;)

    Welcome Degsy! :clap: