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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DanB, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. DanB

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    I recently started a thread asking for a solo horn and kit player for a gig we have in Stowmarket.

    I just wanted, through tMp, to say that the response was great! A number of band manager / secretaries got back to me with suggestions for players.

    One man went above and beyond the call though - Ian Burton from Ipswich & Norwich Co-op band spent a great deal of time on the phone to various contacts he has, on my behalf, until he eventually found a player who was available.

    The reason for this thread - quite simply - is that you read all sorts of critical and damning things on this site (and of course elsewhere) and it often seems that we, as a community, want to rip ourselves and each other apart. However, as long as people like Ian exist in the banding movement, as far as I'm concerned it's future is secure.

    Thanks again Ian.
  2. Ipswich trom

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    Hi Dan,
    It's no problem Probably helped that I am at home recovering from a knee op so had time on my hands but I will always try and help out if I can. Sorry i can't be there myself on Trom for you but I am sure the deps we found will do you proud. Did you ever get the Kit player sorted? If not I have one more person you could try, don't have a phone number but his e mail is

    His name is James.

    Good luck with the gig.
  3. DanB

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    Thanks Ian - we're all sorted on the kit front too... but I'll keep James's details on file, for next time!!! Hope you're knee's soon on the mend.
    Cheers again.