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    At last!! The band really were ecstatic by the result as we had finally made it out of the Senior Cup and back into the Grand Shield contest. Band members were prepared to accept any one of the top four positions as the band has been striving for this for 5 years! Of course to win was fantastic and then for our Principal euphonium player Gary Curtin to win the soloist award as well was the "icing on the cake". The whole band has worked so hard for this since the Areas and were determined to give it everything. Everything - is what happened on stage as we aimed to give a "performance" . We came off stage believing we had done this and so had achieved our main goal.
    Happy couple, Tara & Matt

    This test piece, like the Area's "Isaiah 40" included many solo passages. Congratulations to all band members but special mention to all our soloists: Mick Morris (Tuba), Gary Curtin (Euphonium), Peter Moore (Trombone), Lucy Pankhurst (Horn), Matt Balson (Soprano), Andrea Crossley (Perc.), Marrianne Cliff (Baritone) & Andy MacDonald (Principal Cornet, without the sticky valve!!!)

    Band officials & band members would also publicly like to thank Andy Berryman as the "winning band's MD" for all the effort he has put into preparation for the contest. Andy's own unique style and encouraging comments have spurred the band on and put the "win" back into Wingates. Although he is keen to point out it is a team effort between conductor and the whole band.

    Many thanks for all the kind messages of support & congratulations. We also offer our own congratulations to the other three bands that join us in the Grand Shield next year - Thoresby Colliery, Kibworth and Freckleton.
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    Well Done.

    Congratulations to you all, it has taken a while but at long last Andy Mac is once again leading the way. A splendid result for a splendid group of musicians.

    Very Well Done.
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    Congratulations - the band played extremely well and deserved to win. Well done