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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by huggie, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. huggie

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    Hi guys from an ex player, had to pack in in 1994 due to work and family commitments, you know the usual. I've been hoping and praying that one of my kids would take up a brass instrument for years and its finally happened. 2 months ago my ten year old came home with a trombone, HALLALUJAH, there is a god after all. I took him to Grimey's open rehearsal prior to the nationals and now he is totally hooked, yes get in!!! He has joined the learners group at Frickley South Elmsall and is doing quite well to say how long he has been playing. Yesterday was his school christmas concert and he stood up and played the Largo from the New world Symphony on his own, his first solo after only 2 months. I don't mind tellin you me and the missus were blubbering like babies, she used to play too, that's how we met. Anyway I have been taking him to the rehearsals at Frickley South Elmsall for a few weeks and have even sat in on the horn on a couple of occasions. I sounded pretty awful too, it's going to take me a lot longer to get back into shape than I thought it would. But for now I am enjoying every minute, I just hope he sticks to his trombone or I will end up back in brass band wilderness for a few more years.
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    Thats a result then.... Just the remedy for a man looking to get back into banding but with no excuses prior! :p lol
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    That is excellent news.. I personally go down the route of if a child takes up any instrument other than/or alongside the rock band norm then it is a brilliant thing..

    The fact that it is brass is so much better (being biased as a bands person)!

    I hope we have a young star of the future there, if not I just hope he really enjoys and learns great things about life from the experience, no matter how far he takes it!
  4. DublinBass

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    I can't really begin to think which is nicer...

    A new youth playing in a brass band,


    another brass band family story...

    both are two of the great things about brass bands!
  5. Bass Man

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    Great News!!!
  6. Robhibberd29

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    I hope the little 'un sticks with the trombone too as it's the best instrument in the world! (he says completely unbiased!) Only problem with young ones learning the trom is if they do change their minds they have to learn all the valve positions from scratch. Another good reason to stick on the bone :)
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    But if they take up the "mighty" (also said unbiasedly) valved instruments, as long as their lips good, you can play any instrument apart from Bones, and shed builders.

    Oh, and good luck with his career if he takes music as one
  8. Mesmerist

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    Good luck to you all and I hope your wife returns as well. X (Back to banding I mean obviously wasn`t implying she had gone and left you all just to clear up any confusion). X . Wish I hadn`t started this now. oh dear.
    Welcome back anyway.
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    Is that yoggi by any chance?!.

    Glad you have seen sense and started playing again for the mighty FSEBB.
    I am sure you are gonna star at Butlins.
    You sound cracking especially after having 14 years off.

    See ya Monday night.

    ps other FSEBB nutters on mouthpiece

    Valvecap - aka Dave Nichols ( MD )
    MarkGillat - the one and only shedbuilder
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    Hi matey, yes it's me.
    Thanks for the kind comments, I need all the encouragement I can get at the mo, although I am feeling a little more confident than I first was. I think with a little more practise I might just make a horn player again.

    See ya tommorow