Assistant MD sought for Bradford Concert Band

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    Bradford Metropolitan Concert Band are based in Baildon, Bradford and have a 30 strong membership with good attendance at rehearsals and engagements.
    As a wind band, we welcome woodwind, brass and percussion players who are over the standard of grade 5 (approx)
    We perform a variety of engagements from Bandstands to Concert halls and have a sensible number of gigs in a year.

    The band is very much up and coming having seen some 10 new players join in the last 12 months. We have a dedicated bandroom, library and instrument store.
    Our library is fairly extensive and we have a good availability of uniform and instruments.

    The band rehearses on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings at Baildon Hall. The Hall is a private members club which members of the band have access to and this houses a bar and restaurant.

    Our current Assistant Musical Director wishes to retire from conducting to concentrate on the playing side of things hence this vacancy arising.
    The Assistant MD will be expected to take rehearsals and concerts in the MD's absence and will be given the opportunity to take part in concerts regularly.

    In the first instance, please email or reply to this website.

    Thanks for your interest

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    Vacancy still available

    Have had some enquiries but the vacancy is still available.
    Please call or write in confidence