Assignment Help Needed - If ur 17-21ish please help

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Wonky_Baton, Jan 31, 2006.

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    As part of my BA (hons) in IT education I need to do a multimedia Cd project on University life, etc. aimed at secondary pupils. This will be in an interactive format incorporating Video Clips, Audio Clips, Animations and Interactivity.

    I need to research the subject before I start producing the Multimedia CD.

    For those at university

    Why did u go to university?
    What did u study and why?
    What social activities do you participate in.
    What information you have liked to have had known prior to going to uni

    For those applying to uni

    Why do you want to go to uni
    What information do you need both about uni and social?
    What interests you at uni other than study
    What is your perception about uni at the moment.

    For those not interested in going to uni

    Why not?
    What is your perception of uni.

    Please either PM me or e-mail me at

    As it is multimedia project I need to incorporate photos and sound etc. Could you send a small photograph if possible so that I can put a face to quotes on the screen. If not please send the quotes anyway.


  2. Wonky_Baton

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    Thanks to Hells Trombone, Ruthatron and Wewizrobbed for their help. Is there anyone else can help, especially a lads point of view would be good. If you dont want to e-mail or PM me just type something in this forum as I might be able to get a quote I can use. Thanks again to the three that have already been in touch.


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