Ashton Brass Band polish up their acting skills.

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    Ashton Under Lyne brass Band are delighted to announce our appearance in King Cotton - an exciting new musical written by Jimmy McGovern at the Lowry theatre.

    Developed from an original idea by Ian Brownbill, the show was commisioned to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. Directed by Jude Kelly (artistic director of the South Bank Theatre) with original music by Howard Goodall, the show will feature traditional african music as well as our very own Brass Music.

    Cotton is the thread which binds together Sokoto, a slave working on a plantation in the US, and Tom, an impoverished mill worker. Both styles of music are woven through the narrative.

    This is truly a great opportunity for Brass Band music to reach a wider audience, as well as a very exciting experience for the band. The world premiere is on the 12th of September, at the Lowry Theatre, Salford, and the show runds till the 23rd September at the Lowry, followed by a short run at the Liverpool Empire from the 24th to the 29th September.

    More information (including ticket information) can be found on the official website:
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    Jimmy McGovern on Radio 5 talks about 'King Cotton'

    Jimmy McGovern was talking to Simon Mayo on his radio 5 program yesterday about this play. Very interesting about how mill workers starved in the UK when the cotton ships were blockaded or sunk during the American civil war. It can be downloaded here, search down for episode Mayo: "Cracker" creator Jimmy McGovern, 31 Aug 07
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    The show opens for preview on Wednesday & the first 2 nights are already sold out. It is going to be about much more than brass bands and will hopefully introduce our traditions to a whole new audience. I can safely say from my highly biased opinion that the cast are amazing (singers and acting) & it is a really powerful piece.

    Well done to Ian Brownbill for both his idea & his determination in pushing the production till it worked!

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