Ashbourne Town Band MD vacancy + players

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by KenIrvin, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. KenIrvin

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    Ashbourne Town Band are in urgent need of a Musical Director or conductor. We are a self supporting band who play at civic functions, carnivals, fetes as well as planned concerts. We urgently need a Musical Director or conductor as our bandmaster is anxious to get back to playing. We would also welcome new players of all ages and any standard as we also have a training session on Friday (7-8:00).
    We practice in Ashbourne on Sunday (7-8:30) and Wednesday (8-9:30).
    Anyone intersested should visit the website at www.ashbourne for more details about the band and contact details.
  2. KenIrvin

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    :oops: Website should be
  3. Martyn Ford

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    Sent private message.
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  4. KenIrvin

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    Still no luck finding a MD - any budding conductors willing to try?
  5. KenIrvin

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    Friendly band needs a conductor

    Another year gone and we are still looking for a conductor. Bandmaster's lip is almost gone its been so long.
  6. KenIrvin

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    Ashbourne still need MD

    Ashbourne Town Band is still going strong but really need a full time MD - any volunteers
  7. Graham6573

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    I did volunteer and got turned down!

    The offer is still there, I'm in Ashbourne anyway during the week, and would be willing to fill in until you get someone on a permanent basis if you wish. I've checked my own band's diary and there are only a couple of clashes. That also has the advantage of 30+ deps on tap! I might also be able to tap up my employer for some local sponsorship.

    Contact me if you would like to speak again.
  8. KenIrvin

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    Ashbourne Town Band are pleased to announce the appointment of Russell Bevan as Musical Director. Russell took over the baton from Eric Lee on Wednesday 25th August. He was previously MD of Ashover Brass Band before taking time off owing to work commitments.

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