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    what? please dont tell me ur ashamed....It happens bud, deal with it! 8) BRING ON THE SWISS 8)
  3. 2nd man down

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    you could see that coming a mile away...England looked as if they thought they had it in the bag, and Zidane being the genious he is knew exactly how to exploit it.
    Maybe it's the kick in the pants they need to realise that in Man Utd style you have to play till the whistle goes, not till you think you've done enough.
    At least they proved they can beat the likes of the French, they just need to maintain the effort to the end of the game. (And that's coming from a jock!!)
    Bring on the others!
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    It was so predicatable. No joke now I said to my mate that knowing our luck England will score 2 goals in the next 10 mins!
  5. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member got that wrong then...France did!!
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    ooops :oops: I did say France in the pub! :guiness
  7. Damn! I bet my mate a pint that england wouldn't score
  8. ted

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    If only Johnny Wilkinson was playing.
    He would have scored that (and a few more) penalties.

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    Wouldn't he have tried putting them OVER the bar though? :wink: :p
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    Well to be beaten by the defending champions , with the " World Player of the year " given just two sniffs of goal....very unlucky.
    for a large part of the Game , England were much better than france.
    Plus points for England
    1. Ledley King and Wayne Rooney
    2. Lucky David James didnt get sent off

    Minus Points
    1. Steven Gerrard
    2. Balance in Midfield.

    well England gonna have to meet and beat France in the Final now...
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    On the whole (barring result) I thought England played well. The main thing is that now they do not have a target man as such (Shearer,Heskey etc) they keep the ball on the floor. Bringing on Heskey mean they went back to their old style and gave France too much of the ball in the later stages..which proved to be fateful.

    David James has always been a liability...standing on the same side of the goal as his wall for the free kick was utter stupidity. Giving a player like Zidane 70-80% of the goal to shoot into was not very bright. It always amuses me when some goalkeepers (despite the obvious advantage of being able to use their hands :roll: ) still go in feet first.

    Nothing to get too worried about though....pick Robinson next game, put Heskey on the next plane home and we will be fine.
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    ... this is just like band contesting!!... :lol:

    "On the whole (barring result) they played well"
    "They do not have target man"
    "To be beaten by the defending Champions"
    "player of the year"
    "gave too much"
    "proved to be fateful"

    etc etc etc etc. . .

    That's just what an adjudicator or bandsperson would say! :lol:
    ... ok, sorry :oops:


    As for big brother... I can't wait for Emma to get back into the house... She is SO gonna lose it with Victor!!! :twisted: :lol: :evil: :lol: :twisted: :lol: :evil: :lol: :twisted:
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    Was playing a concert last night! Luckily it was in a pub garden. Went 1 up during half-time in the concert. Saw England concede the free kick after the end of the concert. By the time I'd helped with stands etc it was 2-1!

    Wasn't really that bothered though. The cricket was far more exciting! Roll on the West Indies!
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    As mentioned earlier, Ledley King and Wayne Rooney were big plusses. As with most penalties, if you send the keeer the wrong way it's a 'well taken penalty'. If it's saved it tends to be 'a nice height for the goalie'. Beckham's penalty wasn't bad at all but it was a pretty outstanding save by Barthez.

    Biggest mistake was sending Heskey on in the first place, let alone having him trying to tackle near the opposing penalty box! Next biggest mistake was removing Rooney. He was terrorising the French.

    James perhaps lucky to stay on the pitch but I felt the referee took the common sense line with both James and Silvestre. James didn't have much time to think after that appalling back pass by Gerrard and Silvestre's challenge was mistimed because Rooney had him for speed. I think a penalty award in these cases is sufficient punishment. It's then up to the penalty take to make the most of it! Zidane sent James the wrong way, Beckham's was brilliantly saved. C'est la vie!

    England certainly played better (at least in the first half) than they have done in recent games, but I said at the start that they won't win Euro 2004. Neither, on yesterday's showing, will France.
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    I'm just gutted that England threw the game away. Okay the free kick could of happened at anytime and zidane probably would have scored it and we'd have got a draw, a good result in my opinion but the 2nd goal... What the hell was gerrard thinking? The team lost their concentration and lost a game the should have at least drawn. I'm really dissappointed at the fact that professional england players can't seem to concentrate after 90 mins. Ledley King and Sol Campbell played very well and defied the critics, but it was for nothing because of some scouser who thinks it's a good idea to try a 60ft back pass in the last minute.

    Also I lost a bet which means I have to sit here all day with a tricolour painted on my face.
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    I don't think the result is the end of the world. We played well and we all feel miffed because the game was snatched away from us in the dying minutes of the game. It would have been worse if they had played us off the park and we had lost 4-0.

    I think we will progress through to the next round and, after seeing all the teams in Group A, I don't think we will have anything to worry about in the next round.

    Most teams who go all the way in these tournaments don't always perform well in the first rounds (Brazil included).

    It's not all doom and gloom, it's just not nice losing to the "cheese eating surrender monkeys!!"
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    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    To lose at such a late stage...well that's the way it is, just means we'll have to beat france in the semis or the final :D

    England for the cup :!: :!: :!:

    C'Mon the lads they can do it!!!
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    Ashamed!! England!!

    France were clearly the better side overall,and it is only by the way that their 2 goals to win the match came so late.With the midfield selected there was little chance of us holding on to 1-0.In the second half Gerrard and Lampard had to help out the back 4 and with Beckham and Scholes ineffective and peripheral plus the introduction of the lumbering and ungainly Heskey the defence had no alternative but to boot the ball away.And so France attacked and attacked until the inevitable happened. Not once but twice!
    Beckham's penalty miss effectively lost England the match. It was a poor penalty- too near the keeper and a nice height to parry.
  20. Dave Payn

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    We do, however, get over critical about our team's performances. The way some people have gone on here and elsewhere, you'd think Armageddon was around the corner because (a) we didn't win and (b) we didn't play well for the full ninety minutes! It's no shame to lose to a team as good as France and there were some positives. (Ledley King for a start!) Sure, Armageddon can happen if we can't get past Croatia and Switzerland... ;-)