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    Are we again missing opportunities. Arts and kids week is a vehicle for getting young people into music and other aspects of the arts. Is not time bodies like the BFBB started muscling in on relatively high profile promotions like this to promote banding? You don't see their name on the credits of supporting bodies. :-? :-?

    Web site:

    Below is an extract from the web site.

    The Prince of Wales asked Colin Tweedy, chief executive of Arts & Business, to establish The Prince of Wales Arts & Kids Foundation. Arts & Kids has a challenge: to enable one million kids to engage with the arts by 2008.
    Arts & Kids provides expertise, resources and profile to businesses that work with the arts. We want to inspire and enable high quality, long-term relationships between businesses and the arts that will really benefit both the businesses and the young people involved. No matter what size or type of business, we can help you.

    Our aim is to strengthen existing partnerships between the corporate sector and arts organisations and create new relationships that will benefit a generation of young people. Arts & Kids is not a funding body. It is a catalyst and standard bearer that encourages funding by others. Our President and Patrons support our work with time, expertise and by raising the profile of our projects.