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    Art of the States is the title of the latest CD from Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag.

    The title track was a co-operation between 3 arrangers in the band, written for the bands' participation in Norways' SIDDIS entertainment competition in 2002.
    Composers represented include Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Pat Metheny, Freddie Mercury and Samuel Barber.
    All arrangements have been made by the 3 arrangers Reid Gilje, Svein Giske and Frode Rydland.

    I listened to the CD on the train coming to work this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    It may give you some ideas for your own bands' entertainment contests.

    Check out the track listing on our website;
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    You've obviously been keeping your presence here very quiet :shock:

    I've heard good reports of the cd, and it will certainly go on my "Wants" list :wink:

    Congratulations on reaching the short-list, and we look forward to more frequent postings from you in the future, so we may get to know you better :!:
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    ... ditto from me as well sir. Welcome to tMP and a big well done on reacing the shortlist for the Fodens R. Award. Looking forward to reading many more of your posts in due course...

  5. Am I the only person who has an extra unlisted track on this CD? I've got When A Child Is Born (played by Martin Winter) tacked on to the end of Adagio for Strings. Is this an official extra or have I inadvertently bought a pirate copy?
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    It's a 'hidden' bonus track - mentioned on the 4barsrest review I believe. :)

    Got this CD only the other day - I love it!
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    It certainly is an official extra!
    It won't be a pirate copy if you bought it from a reputable source.
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    You should try out our latest CD, called "Tales and Stories", as well.

    It has got two other concepts we've done for Eikanger for the bands participation at the SIDDIS Brass competion.

    They are called "Balkan Moods" (premiered at Siddis 2001) and "Segn" (transl. "Myth") (Siddis 2003).

    In addition to those you'll get a piece, "Mercy", for organ and BB.

    (And if you look behind you'll find another sweet piece that is on the disc to tease the release of a new solocd Tormod Flaten, Eikanger's solo-euphonium, will present in the coming season.)

    review here:


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    Hey Frode... I recently sent you a PM... did you receive it yet?
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    I'd just like to endorse Frode's post here - 'Tales and Stories' is a truly excellent release - and I haven't stopped listening to it since I received it a couple of weeks ago. Not your usual 'brass band' CD - but that's no bad thing!

    Buy it - you certainly won't regret it.