Arranging film music for brass band - Help Please

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Andy_Euph, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Andy_Euph

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    Hi everyone, I'm quite interested in arranging for band and in particular film music, however i'm not quite sure where to start, does anyone know where/how you get the original music to arrange from...for example is an orchestral score of Star Wars available to buy, and if so where can you get it?

    I'm hoping that someone who has already done an arrangement and published it can tell me the process you have to go through to do this

    Ta Muchly :biggrin:

  2. Anglo Music Press

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    While I salute your desire to do some arranging, I would warn you that it is very unlikely that you'll get permission to arrange, particlularly, any of John Williams music. It is very tightly controlled.

    Unusually, John Williams has indeed published some of his film music scores (phone Studio Music) but this doesn't mean you can arrange it, even for fun.

    Be careful!!!!
  3. sterlingsop

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    I'm disappointed.....I've made a start on "Dry Your Tears Afrika" from Amistad. I guess I'll just have to do it to satisfy my itch rather than to perform/publish. :frown:
  4. Anglo Music Press

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    Well, there's certainly no reason not to ASK, but I suggest you do ask before you start, otherwise you may be wasting your time, which I'm sure you don't want to do!
  5. Roger Thorne

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    Before anyone embarks on any arranging can I point you in the direction of the following link:

    The tMP Copyright Fact Sheet

    This has been compiled by the tMP team (with help from Philip Sparke and Dave Payn) to help people understand the complicated laws that surround copyrighted material.

    Might I suggest that any budding arrangers take the time to read it in it's entirity before starting any arranging.

    On the original question from Andy, it's definitely worth securing copyright permissions before trying to trace the origins of the original scores. That way you'll know that your time will not be wasted in locating the music.

  6. KMJ Recordings

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    That's an excellent document, Roger - thanks for the link and to all the contributors.
  7. sterlingsop

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    Thanks - I guess I've got some searching to do. Not just who to contact and where either!
  8. Feefee

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    Hi, for my AS Level music composition i did some film music, even though i didnt arrange it and did it from scratch i used a theme. It is a good idea if you have some kind of theme in music, whether it be an actual film or an actual arrangement. I based my composition on the film "Backdraft" but the only original idea i used were the tubular bells which appear every now and again. Always try to make sure you use a lot of dynamics in film music, thats what i tried to do. It gives you some idea about the sort of genre you are doing too. I actually put two themes together they were: the actual music and the ways it is written and the fact i have added a little bit of a scottish feel too it two and contrasting in music is also good, especially when arranging.
    Hope this as helped?
  9. axio

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    IMO Bertrand Moren's Music for Cinema is a classic in terms of how to write film style music for brass. Lots of dynamic changes, pulsing rhythm, certain harmonies which keep on cropping up, use of perfect intervals, etc...

    I was fortunate to get a copy of the score from our band because it had mistakes in it and we received a corrected replacement score. :)
  10. Andy_Euph

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    Thanks for replying people :D, I was just wondering how people went about making arrangements of other music, however just another question Mr Sparke pointed out that John Williams music is hard to get the rights for but what about other composers, plus for orchestral transcriptions am I right in thinking that works by a composer who's been dead for over 100 hundred years don't need to have the copying rights?
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    this might help ...

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