Arrangement of Delilah

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  1. PlayerPete

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for an arrangement of the Tom Jones hit 'Delilah'. Does anyone know if it has been arranged?
  2. RobBari

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    Cory did a version of this with the male choir "Cantorion", better known as "only men aloud". It's on the album "This Land of Ours". The sleeve notes state it was arranged by Karl Jenkins/Bob Childs, and published by EMI.
  3. Wonky_Baton

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    There is a Tom Jones medly with it in the middle which is canny
  4. JAlexK

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    Obrasso have an arrangement by Alan Fernie.
    Try >Shop > Brass Band >Light music & musical
  5. wkt

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    There is also a good arrangement by Simon Kerwin.
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Contact Mode For music for details.
  7. DMBabe

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    Can't help but ask....... Why, why, why Delilah? ;) or should that be :oops:?

    Seriously though if Alan Fernie has done it then he's your man!

  8. Blagger

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    Contact Iain Mcknight (bassinthebathroom) - Eb at Leyland.
    He wrote one for Lostock when he took us a few years back.
    PM me and I'll dig his mob number out - not sure whether he got it published
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  9. Bryan_sop

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    I seriously hope not!