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    I play with my brass band the track: Around the world (quick step march) from Alexandre Owen!

    Did someone know on which CD this track is?

    I look at but they couldn't find a CD with that track.

    (sorry for my bad english!)
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    I can't source a recording at the moment, but here is a brief summary from 4barsrest to help others find it ...

    "The first music we got our hands on was the score and parts of Alexander Owen's 1906 composition, "Around the World" - a fine sounding march which was written for Besses O' th' Barn for their World Tour of the same year. The music itself is a little bit of a cheat, as Owen in fact wrote it as a march entitled "The President" - in honour of Theodore Roosevelt and renamed it "Around the World" after it was performed in the great mans presence. Owen was never a man to waste a good idea.

    It is a quick step march very much of it's time - difficult but playable for today's bands, and as always with Owen's music, it has some lovely little touches that make it rather better than the average run of the mill marches. A good quality band will manage it well, but it will take a good quality band to make it sound very good. "
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    We will hopefully be putting this piece on our CD, which we will be recording in April. A bit of a wait, I know, but you can keep up to date with news on the recording at It is, as was mentioned, a tough march, but certainly very enjoyable to play.
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    I've not got my index at home so I can't be certain, but I think it's on an old two-disc set by Besses o' t' Barn.
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    I think Peter is right about the double album, I'm sure Besses recorded it under Roy Newsome in 1980 on an album called Alexander Owen 60th Anniversary. If it wasn't on that it may have been on another album called Besses in Australia.

    I also recall having an earlier Besses album featuring this march too; on that recording they included the de capo and, if memory serves me right, the very distinctive sound of a G Trombone. I have no idea what happened to the earlier recording.
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  8. I will make enquiries at our rehearsal tonight. If it's not available online we should be able to sell you one direct from the band I think.

    Will post details tomorrow.


    Richard Cookson.

    (Chairman: Besses o'th' Barn band)
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    thanks for your news...
    I'm looking forward!

  10. Oops! Sorry to build your hopes up! I asked at band and we don't have any copies either. We sold all our copies before we found out it was deleted. I'll ask around at band to see if I can obtain an old one as I'm sure someone must own a copy. This may take a while though, hopefully EYMS will put it on their recording soon?

    Ps, I used to own a recording of the march from a performance at Spennymoor Brass in Concert which was recorded by the BBC but never published, however, I can't find it at the moment. Will keep looking, Sorry!

    Richard Cookson.