Arjen Robben Charity Concert

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  1. Sandy Smith

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    Following Luis Saurez’s recent excursion into brass band promotion Dutch star Arjen Robben has decided to follow in his footsteps.

    “I’ve been working flat out to organise this but am still looking for suggestions for participating bands and music … although I have asked the Fakenham Town Band to take part along with MD Derek Fraudbent”

    An Actor’s Life For Me

    Take Me Out to The Fall Game

    (Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee) An Actor’s Life For Me

    Fall Me Irresponsible

    Dance of the Tumblers

    Fake That Look Off Your Face

    Cheat Wave by Irving Berlin

    Flight of the Tumble Bee

    Theme from Skyfall - “The name’s Con, James Con”

    Another Brick In The Fall

    Devil Gate Dive – Suzi Quatro

    High Sneak by Eric Fall

    Cheat Me in St. Louis

    Something from Con Giovanni … or perhaps Con Carlos

    Life Dive-in (… sorry)

    Robin Hoodwink Prince of Thieves
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    The Hustle
    The Downfall of Lucifer
    Day Trip to Bangor
    Uncle Tom Daily and All
    Orange coloured Lie