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  1. chris.neufeld

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    And Just Music are selling the scores and parts as Regional 2014 test pieces
  2. GJG

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    ... and I've just had a promo e-mail from R. Smith & Co. listing the pieces for sale ...
  3. cockaigne

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    So now that we know them, what do we think of these choices?

    St. Magnus seems to have been the worst-kept secret in banding for some years.

    Cry of the Mountain - is that a new piece? No listing on Brass Band Results that I can find.

    Having just listened to Chaucer's Tunes, it seems an interesting piece - a bit too reliant on parallel-motion chordal work in places, more than might be considered 'stylistic' for the period evoked. A younger cousin of the Vaughan Williams Variations (or Shining River variations) in places - but properly dressed.

    Postcards from Home - great fun, I want to be in the Third Section :)

    Three Spanish Impressions - I can only think of an awful joke for this one (How does a Frenchman give his Spanish impression? With milk...)
  4. Accidental

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    The top section piece is the worst-kept secret in banding every year, lol!
    I can't decide if St Magnus is exciting or just plain terrifying.... it will certainly sort out the bands.
  5. bassmittens

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    That is dreadful!
  6. Active Member

    Well done, Gareth.
    Did you search to find the Regionals 2014 album on World of Brass Tunes last evening perhaps?
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  7. Chris Hicks

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    With regards specifically to the championship section, I think the selections panel has done a brilliant job these past few years, they've picked tricky pieces which, in the main, has meant that the strongest bands in each areas have been qualifying. Of course there is the occasional upset here and there but overall the bands finishing at the top of the pile are the best bands, and personally I think that is how it should be when selecting the pieces.
  8. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    I did warn you! Is 'dreadful' better or worse than 'awful'? :D
  9. bassmittens

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    I believe it falls between "Awful" and "Horrific"
  10. Spaniels Ears

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    I have to say having just listened to Cry of the Mountain, its a great piece! Look forward to playing that one!
  11. casanova

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    I did not. The mystery continues..;)
  12. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    I notice that both the 1st section and 4th section pieces are graded by the publisher as C, 'medium difficulty'. Hmm.
  13. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    I must say that I am glad to have escaped the 1st section for next year. While every other section appears fair game for the setting of thoroughly challenging repertoire, the 1st section seems to consistently attract set pieces that are of only moderate technical challenge, so much so that I am starting to think that there must be an official policy of some sort guiding choices towards "quite a few bands should be aiming to play this perfectly" choices. I wonder if the rationale is that bands promoted to the Championship section will have a thorough grounding in getting pieces up to nit-picking standard, rather than just getting through things convincingly enough to beat the bands that struggle.
  14. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    Either that or the 4th section choice is a tough one. Or that Obrasso's grading system is too elastic. Or that the people who choose the pieces don't actually have a system and just make their choices on a whim. Or a combination of any or all of the above.
  15. kerrytoy

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    We played through the 4th section piece on Tuesday, I really hope for the sanity of the 1st section players it isn't the same standard!!! Unless we completely misinterpreted the 4th section piece.
  16. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    Early days yet, but having given "Chaucer's Tunes" a run-through last night, I am going to stick my neck out and say it's the most appropriate test piece (challenging vs. achievable) to be set for the 2nd section regionals for a few years. Certainly since 'Resurgam', or even 'Kingdom of Dragons'...
  17. bbg

    bbg Member

    Would agree re "Chaucer's Tunes" - again based on a run-through with most of our Uni students absent, but signs are that this will be a far fairer test than "Plantagenets" (great a piece though that is) was last time around .
  18. MRSH

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    Does anybody know if there is an errata for Three Spanish Impressions (4th Section) and if not when would one expect it to be issued? :mad::mad:
  19. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I wouldn't hold your breath Matt - the errata for Saturday's piece only materialised 3 days ago :rolleyes:
  20. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Why not give Alan a ring?