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  1. Thirteen Ball

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    I'm not sure I agree with this, although I do agree that contesting may well be the problem.

    Contesting does not reward bands who take chances. If you have two very old-school adjudicators in the box and have gone for a modern interpretation of an old piece, then however well you play it, expect a verbal kicking.

    The big problem you have with contesting is the criteria are not laid down beforehand. Whilever there isn't any guidance on what the adjudicators will look for (other than tuning, intonation, ensemble etc.) then the odd strange result will always pop up.

    Like the first section yesterday. Technically speaking, Beaumaris had the more clips and splits in the solo lines, and a couple of intonation issues. Much as it was obvious from the time it took the adjudicators to come to a conclusion that they were having a difficult time deciding whether they or Skelmanthorpe should go home as champions, they went with the performance which generated the overall picture they like best - so Beaumaris went home the winners. If it just came down to who actually played the piece with the least mistakes, there was a clear winner - but adjudication is never as simple as that.

    As I've said before, no matter how well you play a piece, if the chaps in the box don't LIKE what you did, then you ain't ever gonna win. So in the main, we get twelve or thirteen safe performances and everyone argues about the split count afterwards. And bands which take a chance and do something different are generally given a metaphorical kicking for it.
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    I had the chance to look at the score for Talisman before listening to the CD, and was amazed how detailed the music is when you listen to it as opposed to looking at the score. Did anyone else find that?:-? Having said that, looking forward to playing it!!
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    As Mike Lyons alluded to in a earlier post Frank's music is deceptive, what looks easy isn't always that way, 4th section bands and their conductors (and I'm one of them!)are going to be working a bit after Christmas , especially with the tempo of the last movement.
  4. stotty74

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    Congratulations Andy. Just listened to it now, and sounds like a real good piece for the bands. Can't wait to have a look at it:)

    Congrats from all at Northop and Northop Youth :clap:
  5. MRSH

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    This piece was described to me yesterday as "a 13 minute car crash" :eek: - Well that was how the conversation started off and the most polite part of it. Don't think I'll be paying to listen either.

    I absolutely love your piece Andy, well done and congratulations - in a way I'm a little (only a little mind) disappointed we got promoted.

    Listening to the CD - Salute to Youth - is the last movement really marked THAT fast? It certainly shifts.

    New World Sketches - my band's test piece. Have to say my heart sunk when I saw it needed 4 percussionists and all that gear??!?:eek:. I actually quite like the piece on first listening but rehearsals are going to be a nightmare. Any percussionists not being used for their own band fancy a go in the 2nd Section? ;)

    As for the 4th Section piece - dull and uninventive, but I have to say it does sound quite difficult.
  6. andywooler

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    My comment was more directed at the suggestion that Vinter is "stale" rather than the issues of what adjudicators want or not - I don't disagree with the points in your post but it's because of those things that conductors take less liberties with the scores and as we play them rarely in concerts, then they may well get "stale".
    As would Beethoven if we all did it like Karajan!
    Orchestra's don't restrict the interpretation in the same way which is why an old work can still be refreshing in the right hands. Not often you'll hear that said at a band contest!
  7. KMJ Recordings

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    Rather perversely, for a movement called "Relaxation" it's marked "As fast as possible" ;)

    We used to refer to it as Tempo di Tear****
  8. Anno Draconis

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    The last few days has reinforced why I love brass banding; the number of congratulatory messages I've had ranging from old friends to people (like Garry and Matt above) whom I only know through their posts on here has been astonishing. Many thanks to everyone. :clap: Hope you all still like it in March!

    Can I also say (and I would be saying this even if I wasn't one of the chosen composers ;)) that the music panel should be applauded for choosing four relatively unknown composers/pieces - I've gone on record before on here as saying that imho the Nationals/Regionals have a duty to seek out new repertoire, because other contests rarely do, and for 2009 that's precisely what they've done. Respect is due!
  9. Nigel Hall

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    Couldn't agree with you more Andy. Let's hope that other contest organisers take the hint and follow their lead.
  10. brassbandmaestro

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    I be getting the Regionals cd very soon no doubt. Other things having got in the way, like car tax and mot next month. So have to put money aside for that!!
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    I am not looking forward to rehearsing and performing Salute to Youth - simply because I have done it so many times before. There is nothing wrong with the piece and I have enjoyed it previously - it is just that I have had enough of it now - thanks. Would have been delighted with Cambridge Variations - especially as P Sparke is the London Area adjudicator.

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  13. Frontman

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    May I say to all, thank you very much for your very interesting contributions to my initial thread.
  14. axelo

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    Someone who has a clue about when the regionals CD will be available at worldofbrasstunes? Been looking every day for the past week now!
  15. BbBill

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    Why dont you just buy the CD from 4br, you'll have it next day delivery usually.
  16. KMJ Recordings

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    Although maybe not in Sweden ;)
  17. BbBill

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    Oops didnt read that! Still, they might be quicker than other suppliers...!
  18. KMJ Recordings

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    Quite possibly.

    Both they and Midland CD have both done overnights for me.
  19. axelo

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    Mainly because I find no interest in having the actual CD as I most on the times listen to music by the computer. Perfect to just download the tracks, have them available on any computer in the world and for only 9.99£! No ripping or anything, just perfect.
  20. KMJ Recordings

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    Apart from it being an MP3 ;)

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