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  1. What are your opinions on the 2007 areas test pieces?

    Championship Section: Isaiah 40, Robert Redhead, 12.41
    2. Section 1: Sinfonietta, ‘The Wayfarer’, Eric Ball, 12.56
    3. Section 2: Carnival, Helen Perkin, 12.33
    4. Carnival, Helen Perkin 12.41
    5. Section 3: Prelude and Jubilate, Darrol Barry, 10.55
    6. Section 4: Suite: The Seasons, Philip Wilby, 13.06

    Im not 2 keen on isaiah 40 tht will separate the men from the boys.
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    Hi there! You will find that there is a thread already covering the area tests here, so I'll lock this one.
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