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    Whilst I'm not one to gloat, it's fair to say I've spent some time admiring the L&SC Area cup over the last few years so am well aware that it has the words 'The People Challenge Trophy' engraved upon it.

    What I didn't realise until this year, whilst looking at some photos of other area winners on 4BR is that lots of other area trophies seem to have the same thing engraved upon them.

    Just curious - does anybody know how this legend came to feature on all of the cups/shields/trophies? My best guess is at one time the area contests were sponsored by The People newspaper but that is a complete guess. Anybody shed any light?

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    I think it is from when Edwin Vaughan Morris revamped the nationals as we now know it in 1946? and he managed to get the areas sponsored by the Daily Herald then The People newspapers. He worked for them I believe.