Area Testpieces 2004 - any ideas?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Andy_Euph, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Just looking through some of the topics about previous area testpieces I was wondering whether anybody has heard rumours as to what the area pieces might be next year?

    Seeing as there was so much hassle over Prague I wonder whether it will be back to the trusted Sparke, Graham etc for the top section - or maybe the panel who choose the pieces will revive a "Golden Oldie", who knows :!: :D
  2. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    I wouldn't be suprised if it was instant concert for the top section (It is harder than Prague isn't it!)

  3. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Ok hows about :

    An oldie but goodie for Champ section (balances out from Plague)
    An old Championship piece for 1st
    The usual dire tripe for 2nd (In the last 4 years we have had : Celestial Prospect which some people liked, Symphony For Brass Band which was just plain rubbish, Sword, Jewel & Mirror... ) I don't think the selection board seem to know what to do with second section Sometimes the second section piece is easier than the THIRD!, Cmon guys give us something to get our teeth into!

    Sparky for the 3rd
    Similar for the 4th

    (Rhapsody for Brass due for a comeback?)
  4. BoozyBTrom

    BoozyBTrom Member

    Ive heard the usual rumours.

    But the favorite aat the moment seems to be Harmony Music for the top section
  5. Curious

    Curious Member

    That's the rumour in S.Wales too!!
  6. dyl

    dyl Active Member

  7. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    If they're using older pieces, they could always be using archive recordings. Anyway, if anyone has put anything on disc they've probably been sworn to secrecy. Can't risk being ex-communicated, can we :?: :lol: :lol:
  8. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    .... instant concert's old... so is hootenanny!!

    Wouldnt mind Harmony music tho..... Probably won't happen tho!
  9. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    .. excuse the poor grammar (tis late)
  10. CRat63

    CRat63 Member

    You never could spell.....
    Having a good summer mate?

  11. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    I would! A bit of meat for Bass Trom would be nice - it's no fun rehearsing a piece for weeks where everybody has got nightmare parts but you.
    Also, Philip Sparke's stuff doesn't tend to rehearse well - the patterns to it are generally all on the surface or not far below, meaning that after a week or so, all that's required is note-bashing. Compare this with Philip Wilby's output, which is often so heavily and unexpectedly patterned that new thoughts are still occurring to you on contest day...

  12. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    Tristan Encounters for the Championship Section!

  13. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    Have pre-ordered the Regionals 2004 CD from 4 Bars Rest, due to come out second week in September I think.
  14. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    ... Well, no... I'm finding it difficult deciding what tshirt to put on each day...
  15. Euph-Bari

    Euph-Bari Active Member

    PFT! students!
  16. IckleSop

    IckleSop Active Member

    Jez you cant comment, aint you got boxers with Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday on???? Not that i'd Know :oops:
  17. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    If they want plenty of sales, they should have it out for the finals in Dundee and the Open in Birmingham.
  18. Active Member

    Regionals 2004

    The Regionals 2004 CD will be released, as usual, on our Doyen label.
    The very first opportunity to get one into your hands will be from the World of Brass trade stand at the Lower Section National Finals in Dundee on 20th & 21st September.
    (I understand that the Regionals 2004 test pieces are announced at that event.)
    4BarsRest have their pre-order facility for this CD up and running now.
  19. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    Every year about this time rumours start going round but they are usually 'red herrings'. over the last few years everybody has sworn blind that Masquerade was going to be the top section piece but it never happened.
    If Harmony music is the hot fave now, I'll bet its not the correct piece when the official announcement is made.
    By the way JonnyEuph if Prague was so easy, how come we could only manage 12th?!?
  20. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    There were a few rumours circulating at the start of the year that the 2003 Area test 'Prague' was going to be withdrawn and replaced by 'English Heritage'.

    Did anyone else hear this? It is possible that the piece maybe used this has not been used for some time.

    Rothwell Temps

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