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    Following on from my last post I have now heard from Darrol and can report as follows:-

    At Bar 26 (Letter B) - All Basses should be marked 'f'

    At Bar 35 (3 before C) - The Flugel should tie over the bar to a quaver like everyone else

    At Bar 96 (Bar before H) - The Bass Trombone and Basses should not have an accent on the 4th note.

    I would just like to express my thanks to Darrol for answering my queries so quickly :clap::clap:. If only all composers were this accessible.

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    Thanks Matt! :tup

    The BBb Bass note your on about (if its the one Im thinking on just before the last line), will be an addition to the new parts, as we got ours in Nov too, I was playing it down anyway! (pity there wasnt a few more bits that were supposed to be down the octave, rather than mid-staff! ;) )

    There might be a cresc (or mf marking, I cant mind) missing from the EEb bass part bar before/at 'B' (I think), just before they join the BBb Bass with the running quavers. This would bring them up to the same dynamic as the rest of the band too. You can query that too with Darrol if its not one you found already!

    Edit: youve spotted that one!!!! ^^^^

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  3. 2nd man down

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    seconded! Excellent service Mr Barry! :clap:
  4. Timpking

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    This is excellent thanks.
    However, what about all the other bands that dont read this forum?
    Will there be an official error sheet from kirklees or will they just refund those bands who don't spot the official never mind possible mistakes?
  5. Andy_Euph

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    The Seasons is a great piece for the level, a bit more to challenge bands than Anglian Dances but some nice tunes, from B in the first movement is gorgeous. Horn players will need steel whatsits though and the top line of the euph parts a bit of a tank it out line but all in all should be a good test.

    So glad i'm not playing in the 2nd section though....slit your wrist jobby!
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    Brill service from MRSH and Mr Barry.:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Thanks a lot guys:clap: :clap:
    Really enjoying the piece too, think its a great choice for 3rd Section as its a challenge without being unplayable (only wish I could find yjay elusive perc player I need :( ).
  7. Mr_Euniverse

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    Going to really enjoy getting my teeth into Isaiah 40. Some lovely juicy moments in it. However its not the piece I'd like to listen to over again. The ending infuriates me because it doesn't.........end........................until you are......................totally.......fed up..........with all the.....................false endings.........then it goes on some more.................until it really does................................................................................................. .......................end!!!
    The piece should finish 3 lines from the end. But I suppose Robert Redhead thought there wasn't enough hard stuff so he sticks in some ridiculously impossible semis for bad measure. To me, it spoils a potentially favourite testpiece.


    What?! are you considering pedaling!!!! :eek:

    Won't catch me doing that???! ;)

    Great piece Mr Barry. Played a lot of your pieces of your pieces over that last few years while at Granite City Brass that you wrote for them. This one it right up there! Great choice for 3rd section: Fun bus still something to get the teeth into.

  9. BbBill

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    Its only the same the note as the one before it anyway (low A I think), then in the next bar youre to back down to a low G! Its covered in the EEb part anyway, and as according to the errata, Im right what Im doing!! (well at that particular part of the piece anyway.....!!)
  10. Pythagoras

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    Thanks for the info on the bass parts in Prelude and Jubilate. Cracking test piece really enjoying it.
  11. flashbarry

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    Hi Folks,

    This is the eratta been sent to Kirklees this morning, thanks to those who have been in touch with us to share their finds!!

    Letter B – all basses f
    5 before C – flugel same as solo horn, sustained til quaver
    2 before D – third cornet add two
    Bar before G – sop and solo horn 2nd note should be B not Fsharp
    2nd bar of G – basses should be dotted crotchet and two crotchets
    Bar before H – Bass trombone and basses no accent on tied quaver
    H – solo cornet and flugel ff
    4 after H – sop, rep, 2nd and 3rd cornets last two crotchets dim.
    3 after I – solo horn third note Fsharp
    2 after N – solo cornet should be f
    2 before O – euph is already f
    Bar before P – solo cornet dim as horns
    6 before R – 2nd, 3rd cornets add two
    1 before Z – sop and solo horn note should be B not Fsharp
    7 after Z – 2nd cornet add two
    1 before CC – BBb bass last quaver should be octave lower

  12. Frontman

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    Many Thanks.

    Thank you Darrol, for the above, it is very kind of you to spend the time clearing these points up.

    Everyone in our part of the world sends their regards.
    Best Wishes.
  13. andreab

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    How do you pronounce Jubilate?

    Or rather, how should Jubilate be pronounced?

    Is it Jubil - eight,
    or is it Jubi - latte like a Sloane Ranger ordering a milky coffee?

    I think it probably isn't Jubilanty as our conductor calls it.
  14. Straightmute

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    Or is it Yooby-latte, like a long-forgotten character from Star Wars perhaps?

  15. nadband

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    Loving it! To get our teeth into a wilby piece at this level is great and its making players look at areas that they don't always think of such as breathing and support in all those drawn out phrases and crescendi etc. Anglian Dances was great but this is top drawer music my only concern is some of my younger players lose interest coz of the symphonic style but then its good for them!
  16. andreab

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    I really do need to know though, I have to say it tonight!
  17. flashbarry

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    jubi - latte is how its pronounced!

    It's frothy man!
  18. andreab

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    Cheers Mr B!
  19. i love seasons its a great piece of music.... plus i get alot to do in it!
    some nice solos for me to get my head round! :)
    shame we are not going to the area, but i get to play it at tameside.
  20. bandcampgal

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    :oops: och ur makin me blush now!! hehe Team Horn - we rock!!