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  1. critic

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    ONhearing the C D of the area test pieces the recording of Rienzi by Black Dyke is
    Excellent but are the turns being played correctly as stated in the score and when the piece was chosen. as anyone else heard this.
  2. brassneck

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    Nope! The turns are the wrong way round in the recording and this has been acknowledged by the selection panel.

    quoted from Brass band World Site:-

    "The Championship section test is Howard Lorriman's new arrangement of theOverture to Wagner's opera, Rienzi (published by Obrasso-Verlag). The Music Panel of the National Championships has advised that bands performing the work at the Regional Championship should note "the turn is always an inverted turn, as marked in the score". "
  3. critic

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    Area Recording

    I Wonder Howthat Happened. Its Notlike Dyke And The Md.
  4. Craigsav83

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    That's rather an odd error? It's also strange that this had not been picked up before publishing.
  5. brassneck

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    .. I tried getting a hold of Nick Childs when the original recording (Spectacular Classics v.3) was released at a contest, but his and my free time didn't match so it went unchecked! I reckon a manuscript copy was originally used as there are more errors in the recording and parts that could not be heard no matter how I tried to filter or enhance it. Rienzi should nave been re-recorded before the release of the Areas CD.

    (... before the tests were announced, rumour has it that BAYV were re-recording the new arrangement of Benvenuto Cellini. Strange as it was already done on their Classics vol. II CD)
  6. kevthedrummer

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    thats pritty bad how did that happen
  7. brassneck

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    The life and part of the fun of banding is guessing what test-pieces are going to be selected for the Areas. I suppose that the rumour of Benvenuto was too close to the truth. If this was the case, Rienzi was selected as the back-up at the last minute and maybe the Regionals CD was already in production? :-?

    - then again, that might be a load of codswollop! I have no evidence one way or another.