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    Hats off to the NABBC for again organising Area Test Piece Workshops. I think area test piece workshops are a great idea but why dont the organisers ask the adjudicators that are judging in that area to direct the workshop rehearsing a band on the piece they are going to be judging. Surely it makes sense? If i was a conductor I'd welcome the chance to hear what they were looking for on contest day. However saying that, when was the last time many of our adjudicators conducted a band or played in one for that matter but thats another story? Or am I wrong?
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    It would make sense if there were no costs involved, but how many adjudicators are going to travel the length of the country to attend these workshops for nothing? If these guys offered their services free of charge I would imagine your suggestion might become a reality.

    To take wantapies comment further - do adjudicators (not presently conducting or associated with a band) actually go to the trouble of rehearsing a band on the test piece they are adjudicating, (obviously in a different regional area to where they are judging) or do they just listen to the Regionals CD in the comfort of their armchair a few times and get a rough idea of how it should sound from that?

    Any adjudicators care to comment?
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    yeh I'd like to comment - you're wrong
    I did the midlands area workshop in 2005 on Variations for Brass Band (Vaughan Williams) and judged the Yorkshire area
    I also won the North of England area on the same piece
    In 2003 I judged the Yorks Area on Symphony for Brass (Victor Ewald) and made a point of rehearsing the piece beforehand with a band from another region
    Most adjudicators I know make an extensive study of the relevant scores and if they can attend or take rehearsals they will - a good example (though I can think of plenty more) would be Malcolm Brownbill who I know is extremely thorough in his preparation

    John Roberts