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Discussion in 'tMP's .... "On the Spot" interview area' started by flugelboy, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. flugelboy

    flugelboy Member

    Denholm, Scottish Borders
    hya alan,a just wanted to no your thoughts on the choices for this years area pieces in the 4th and second section??

    stuart black
  2. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    Hi Stuart

    2 excellent pieces of music, no doubt. Alan Fernie`s Anglian Dances is ideal for 4th Section. It has everything needed to test the bands and help the adjudication process. I judged Alan`s Royal Mile Suite at Butlins which did exactly the same and we were able to sort the bands out easily.

    Images is slightly different. I gave the world premiere performance of the whole work while at Leyland several years ago. It is technically very difficult and will no doubt stretch the bands across the country. This in turn causes the adjudicator some problems as it can take away the upper standard performances reducing the scope for marks and bunching bands together. I experienced this at Harrogate in the 1st Section last year with Pageantry.

    It is perhaps a little difficult for 2nd Section but its quality is not in question. Good luck to all bands at the Areas with it!
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