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  1. HI
    Twelve years or so ago, top bands used to hold a 'seminar' where they played lower section tesat pieces for the area and invited lower MDs to hear the piece and offer advice/pointers. Does this still happen and if so, who/where for the midlands fourth section?
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    Newstead band have done it for the last few years and it is normally in January at Newstead Welfare
  3. There are some workshops held by the National Association of Brass Band Conductors which are open to everyone interested. The dates usually appear on this page of their website once they are organised.

    You will note that a workshop for the South-West region has already been organised at Weston-s-Mare.
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    Area Workshops

    As Shaz says we have organised a workshop with the Conductors Association every January, everyone is welcome. We are at present working with them to arrange a date for this years event.

    We normally cover section 4 3 and 2.

  5. Thanks guys.