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    Do any other areas other than L&SC (not updated yet) publish grading tables ?

    I can get the table for my own band (Midlands 1st Section) but it would be interesting to see some others.
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    The Yorkshire area does publish theirs and I hear rumours that secretaries should have received the gradings today, containing the proposed relegations and promotions.
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    North of England Gradings

    Can someone clarify rules for promotion/relegation.
    5 down from championship section.
    1 up and 2 down from first.
    3 up and 4 down from second.
    1 up and 1 down from third.
    2 up from fourth.
    Are these numbers official?
    How do you work them out? - it seems very random. :( :? :?
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    Re: North of England Gradings

    If you look at the Northern Area table, you will see that the anomalies spring from a number of bands being tied on the same points total: where two would normally be promoted or regulated, if bands are tied they are all treated the same, giving the area a very small Championship section for next year.
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    All the promotion and relegation situations in the North Of England are still subject to the appeals system this is according to my source on the regional committee.

    The Tables published on the Regionals site are just the Initial ones after the area.

    I somehow think a few of the relegated ones in the top sections appeals will be accepted.
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    My main query is the seemingly randomness of promotion/relegation. I can understand if bands are on the same points they are treated the same. If 5 are going down from top section (appeals apart) why is only 1 going up and not 2?
    Why only 1 promotion and 1 relegation from the 3rd section when there is obvious room for 2?
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    You're right, the NofE tables do look very odd! I guess its to do with the appeals, but it does underline the need for a little more control over section sizes, and maybe consistency across the regions re appeals.
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    Appeals appart. It is also to do with the size of section. I think if your section has over 10 in it 2 are promoted. Less than ten only one goes up. Its a smilar situation to the invitation to london. Over a certain size ( not sure on numbers 3 are invited to the finals. )

    I dont claim to be an expert. Someone asked for Grading tables. I just knew the link.

    Follow the link to the previous thread that talks about rules and regs for promotion.