Are you a Brass Batman or Superwoman?

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    Are you a hidden Batman or Superwoman? Do you have a hidden identity?

    All this about the Durham BRASS Fest has me wondering how many Brass Banders play brass in other forms solo, groups, orchestras, Jazz, Ska, Bigband, Rock? All for the Love of Brass!

    I know a few band members who play in Jazz bands and a couple in funk bands I even one in a punk band!

    Is there more to you than meets the eye?

    Or do you believe if you play in a Brass Band that's more than enough for anyone?

    Tell me more, who do you play for and what do you play!

  2. Bryan_sop

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    Well seeing as no-one else has answered I'll get the ball rolling...

    As well as playing for the City of Cambridge Brass Band, I'm a member of a Function band called Disco Inferno. We play Weddings, Corporate functions and that kind of thing. Our repertoire covers bands like Kool and the gang, The Jackson 5, Jamiroquai, Bee Gees. Basically anything with a disco feel. The horn section is me on trumpet, plus 2 saxes, one on Tenor and one on Alto/Baritone.

    I also play as a guest with 'Mystery Train' which is a country/blues/Rock and Roll band. I basically just make up riffs and take the occasional solo. The repertoire is a lot of the band members own stuff but they also cover a lot of Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones etc.

    In fear of being lynched by brass band lovers on here, I have to say I prefer Orchestral Brass Playing. I play Trumpet in a quintet alongside another tmper, David Quinlan, called Strong Brass (named after our horn player, who's house we rehearse in) Our repertoire is not dissimilar to the brass band repertoire, but more intense, as there are only 5 people playing what a whole brass band would normally play. We play our own recitals, graduation ceremonies, social events etc. I also play occasionally in scratch 10 piece ensembles, in fact I've just got back from a gig playing trumpet/piccolo Trumpet with Cambridge youth Brass ensemble (It's nice to play the real version of Mr Jums in the right key rather than the brass band version!) I'd like to be involved in one full time but people just don't have the time to organise it!

    Whenever I can, I get involved in local orchestras, in the next 2 weeks I've got concerts with Cambridge Philharmonic (Brahms German Requiem and Patterson Stabat Mater) and The Cambridge orchestra (Shostakovich 10, Copland El Salon Mexico and Gershwin Piano Concerto) I also try and get over to london and play in amateur orchestras there (although, some paying jobs would be nice!)

    I also play solo when I can. I often play at weddings, playing classics like Clarke, Charpentier, Stanley etc as Processional/Recessional music. I'm also planning a trip to Japan to play as a soloist with a friend's Concert band later in the year. (whether it comes off or not...who knows?!) I've often been soloist with my brass band, I've toured Italy with a string ensemble as a Trumpet soloist and I performed Toru Takemitsu's 'Paths' for unaccompanied Trumpet in a concert in Cambridge a few years ago.

    I suppose I am a bandie at heart. If I'm free, I'll help anyone (sometimes even if I'm not and I need to take time off of work!?) whether they're Championship section, or non-contesting, I've been involved in bands since I was about 10! I've got a music degree, so I tend to take paying work over brass band gigs (may as well make some money out of what I studied for!) but (apart from the quintet and other brass ensembles) Brass banding is what I enjoy, especially in my favourite seat, Sop, which I've been playing since I was about 11.

    Don't think that classes me as a 'superman' but I like to think I have a varied musical life, I don't just stick to banding and I'll play anything once, just to say I have (and I've played some wiiiiieeeerd stuff?!) and if I like it, I do more!
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    I play in Mid Sussex Brass Band but it is actually joining that band that has led to loads of other playing outside the brass band world.

    I have played trumpet for a few orchestras in the Sussex area (Haywards Heath Symphony Orchestra, Invitation Symphony Orchestra, Mid Sussex Sinfonia and various scratch orchestras for choral societies) and nearly all of that orchestral playing has led from being asked to play by other members of the brass band. Then, from the orchestral playing, this has led to me playing in a 10 piece brass ensemble called Brass Unlimited and also a standard brass quintet (with no name!).

    I also play the trumpet in the East Sussex Concert Band (after hearing that they needed trumpeters at brass band) and that has led to me recently becoming an honorary member of the Conchord Big Band covering maternity leave for their 3rd trumpet. I'm really enjoying playing in a big band.

    Everything has led from initially joining the brass band though!
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    I've played in wind orchestras and ensembles before, but brass bands have always been my main focus. I plan on joining different groups again when I finish uni and get settled into some sort of routine!