Are you a big fish or a tiddler?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by eanto, May 31, 2006.

  1. eanto

    eanto Member

    Hi there, just back from rehearsal and wondered if you guys out there like to be a big fish or a little fish in bands you've played passed/present. I've been a bit of a banding 'tart' as my job has moved me around the country loads. Sat on all seats bar sop/trom (and top man!) and played 2nd positions & principal positions in various bands of varying abilities. For instance, once enjoyed Eb bass in a good standard band - just listening to all that was going on was awsome - but since i started to practice a bit - are you allowed to use that word?! - I now enjoy playing solo horn in a 4th section band. Wot do u think?
  2. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    There are no big fish and small fish in a real band, just like minded people striving for a shared goal and a greater good.
  3. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    Newport Borough

    When the Music Man used to teach me I can remember the following quote ( he was principal with Newport at the time - 2nd/3rd section. I prefer to be a big fish in a little sea than a small fish in a big sea....Actually I believe he became an MD and had quite a lot of success soon after that.....with Cwmbran and Newport
  4. persins

    persins Member

    I've been both!!!
    I've been a big fish in a small pond and quite enjoyed that for a while. Since joining Woodfalls however, I've been a small fish in a massively bigger sea. At first it was a bit strange playing the bottom cornet parts when I'd been used to the Solo Cornet ones. I wouldn't change it for the world now though as I improved so quickly by playing alongside a better quality of players. I also realised that it doesn't matter what part you play as all of them are important. You are only as good as your weakest player and so Steve is correct in his arguement above!!!
  5. stephenmrry

    stephenmrry Member

    I would certainly say im a big fish in a little sea to be honest! But i like it because i always feel that little added pressure to perform and it certainly brings out the best in me u know! I was once a little fish but my goal was always to become the big fish and i used that as my drive and now i have reached the promised land of Principal cornet in my band

    Stephen Murray
    Principal Cornet
    Drogheda Brass Band
  6. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I've done and am doing both as I seem to be a bit of a banding tart myself too :lol: .... although at the moment I'd rather be the little fish in the little sea due to home responsibilities and such :)
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  7. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I've been lots of things too but as I'm moving home, job, band and everything, it seems like a good opportunity to sit back and be a little fish for a while to develop my playing and get better. My ability has gone backward for a while and thats the indication to me that I need a change.
  8. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    ummmm I don't get it.... :confused: there are no fish in my band.... at least I don't think there are! SOMEBODY EXPLAIN!! :tongue:

    Fi the Ditz
  9. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    explained on msn............. ;)\
  10. Albert Fairbrother

    Albert Fairbrother New Member

    All those who want to be the BIG FISH are those who have the BIG EGOS ( on many occasions without the playing ability to back it up ).

    Playing in a band is a team thing, and there should be no fish bigger than others. You all know that invariably, the third cornet part can be as important as any. I personally cannot stand players with egos, they need to get a life! Rant over.

    Yours, without an ego!

  11. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    WOW... very aggressive comment Albert, and very harsh too I must say.

    Could they also not be people who are perhaps more experienced players, who have for some time played with bands at a higher level and decided they can no longer commit to the expectations of playing at that level - who then wish to help bands in lower sections with the benefit of their experience...?

    I feel your opinion is very narrow minded and doesn't consider all the alternative reasons for someone who performs better in this category.

    I can assure you, I am one of the best team players.
  12. starperformer

    starperformer Member

    this really isn't true. there really are big fish and small fish. and this isn't just a cynical view - there SHOULD be big fish and little fish. a band where everyone is perfectly suited to their seat and has no individual playing ambition could never be a healthy one in the long term.

    for the record, i think it can be a bit dangerous and destructive to be too big or small a fish - if you really want to play bottom 3rd cornet with a truly great band, get yourself down to a local non-con and play principal as well by way of practice. and vice versa.
  13. Heppy

    Heppy Member

    Januaryman is the Sperm Whale of our band. Not only is he a MAHUSSIVE fish, he is the very fabric that holds our band together.

    God bless him...
  14. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Fail to see how playing bottom 3rd for Cleckheaton Crotchet Crunchers will help with top man at B & R:rolleyes:
  15. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    I'd rather play in a better band than a better position, if that's what the question is asking. :-?
  16. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    Right Nao explained this fishy business to me on MSN last night.... I actually don't see the point of it :confused:

    I've always been told (well for the last 2 years... thats how long i've been playing properly!) that in any band, no matter what standard the band is.... every part is equal to each other and every part is important! For example... how rubbish does it sound when half the band is missing? you have parts missing it just isn't good... regardless of what parts are missing it still isn't as good as when you have a full band :D

    I'm a very happy little fish in a little pond... seeing as thats what I'd be called... and to be trueful I'm lucky to be playing 2nd cornet in a 3rd section (2nd section as of January 07) band, considering I've only been playing for two years! (before that I'd played a bit but only sort of grade 1/grade 2 standard and I hate to admit this.... I didn't exactly enjoy it!)

    I don't see the point of this really.... we all have to work together to make a band.... else it wouldn't be a band would it!

    Fi the band geek

    P.S. I love band :tongue:
  17. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I think you have misread what was posted...!! this is read the other way around...:)
  18. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    What's going on here? I'm finding myself AGREEING with starperformer? ;)

    I think this is dead right. You need people with the right sort of personality for the chair, (for example, your top euph, soprano etc ideally need to have a bit of the devil-may-care showoff in them,) but you need ambition below them to keep the quality players improving all the time and push the band on.

    However at the same time I do think there's good ambition and bad ambition. If a principal thinks the person below them is constantly trying to knock them off their chair, that can cause friction. The people who in stead of thinking:
    "Oh, I'm on third cornet but I'm SO much better than that chap on 2nd and I'm going to have his chair,"
    Have the attitude:
    "Ok, I'm on third cornet, so I'm gonna be the best third cornet player this band's ever had!"

    As per the fish/ponds analogy, I've been both, and I'm one of the smaller fish in Co-op's pond at the moment. But every fish is needed come concert day, and we all play our part.
  19. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Haven't read all the posts on here, so apologies for any repetition. It might be all well and good being the biggest possible fish, but it's worth remembering that the brass band world is really quite a small pond, with lots of weed, and it freezes up in the winter, and all the fish have got scale-rot :biggrin:. Ok, sorry for the last bit, but the first bit's true.

    I suppose being a principal player for a reasonably good top section band makes me a big fish, however as a struggling freelancer trying to make a living and wondering where the next gig is, I am a very small one. Depends on how far the net is flung I suppose :dunno
  20. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Yea - totally agree.

    I love playing 1st horn at NYBB just cos the band's fantastic!

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